Action & Adventure
High road to adventure

Action & Adventure
High road to adventure

“Headhunters” original publication in Five-Novels Monthly, August 1936

Of the over two hundred and fifty novels, novellas and short stories L. Ron Hubbard published in his extraordinary career, nearly a hundred were action-adventure stories. In them are reflections of the author’s travels and discoveries, passed through the prism of what the Portland Journal called “an inexhaustible imagination.”

By the age of nineteen, Ron had logged more than a quarter million miles and had seen more of the world than most people would ever hear about. He had visited such faraway and exotic lands as China, Japan, the Philippines, Guam, and Hawaii. He had sailed throughout the Caribbean Islands, first while leading the Caribbean Motion Picture Expedition, and then while at the helm of the West Indies Mineralogical Expedition in Puerto Rico. He had also traversed the American continent several times, by means of Model-T, steam train and Arrow Sport biplane.

Ron’s intriguing and expansive journeys led him to be offered a full membership in the famed Explorers Club while still in his twenties, a notable accomplishment indeed. The token of achievement was well earned; he had already made a name for himself in the world of adventure, where, as he put it, “Men had to be big or fall before the unknown.”

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