To the Stars
Outward bound on a mission
to the ageless stars

To the Stars
Outward bound on a mission
to the ageless stars

“Space is deep, Man is small and Time is his relentless enemy.”

That single opening sentence expresses the theme of To the Stars and suggests the implications of one of the most perplexing concepts of modern physics—time-dilation theory. For those who journey between the stars at or near the speed of light, time slows down relative to time as experienced by those who remain behind. Days or weeks spent traveling in space equate to many years back on Earth.

It was a theory that L. Ron Hubbard first encountered in the early 1930s when he attended the George Washington University School of Engineering and took one of the original courses in atomic physics. The professor holding the chair of mathematics had a reputation for being one of the few men in the world who understood Einstein’s theory of relativity, the crux of time dilation. When Ron tried to interview him for the college paper, he was turned away with a contemptuous sneer. The article appeared, nonetheless, and in it Ron explained Einstein’s theory in such a way that everybody could understand it, much to the professor’s amazement.

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To the Stars by L. Ron Hubbard is one of the greatest science fiction novels that has ever been written.”

—Dr. Jerry Pournelle
author of Falkenberg’s Legion

“This SF novel is one of his finest works.… Hubbard brilliantly evokes the vastness of space and the tragedy of those who would conquer it.”

Publishers Weekly

To the Stars is rollicking fun, deeply moving, and jam-packed with rigorously extrapolated hard-SF ideas. A true gem.”

—Robert J. Sawyer
author of Flashforward

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Unabridged | 3½ hours | Full Cast

The audio adaptation was performed by a full cast including Jim Meskimen, R.F. Daley, and Bob Caso. Original music and a complete soundtrack accompany the 3½ hour performance.

“Hubbard was one of the country’s most prolific science fiction writers, and this book is one of his best.”

Alan Cheuse, NPR

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