Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Changing a genre

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Changing a genre

By the end of 1937, L. Ron Hubbard had proven he could glide with ease from genre to genre—adventure, western, mystery, detective, and even romance—and was regularly featured in such acknowledged “crown jewels” of the pulp fiction world as Adventure and Argosy magazines. Not bad for a young writer whose first commercially published fiction had appeared only three years before.

By the spring of 1938, with his now well-established stature as a writer—or, in the words of author and critic Robert Silverberg, as a “master of the art of narrative”—L. Ron Hubbard was invited to apply his gifts for succinct characterization, original plot, deft pacing, and imaginative action to a genre that was new, and essentially foreign to him—science fiction and fantasy. The reverberations of that invitation continue to this day.

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One Was Stubborn trade paperback
Professor Was a Thief trade paperback
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