Military & War
Stories of courage and valor

Military & War
Stories of courage
and valor

L. Ron Hubbard was no stranger to military life. The son of a United States Naval Officer, his father’s continuous tours of duty in the Navy kept him in constant contact with the armed services throughout his youth while traveling around the world.

Upon completion of his first Pacific passage to Guam by way of Japan and China, he returned home to Montana. At the age of sixteen, he became one of the youngest men in the country to join the National Guard—in Helena, Montana. “There was a heavy recruitment campaign in progress,” he recalled later. “They were waiving all ages.”

At that time, Ron was being coached by his uncle, Ralph Nelson, a former welterweight boxer and World War I soldier, and he soon learned rifle-handling routines, how to march and use field telephones, and more.

Three years later, while a student at George Washington University, Ron joined the Twentieth Marine Corps Reserve. Almost overnight, he was promoted to first sergeant. And he soon transformed his company from a motley crew of green recruits into the best outfit in the region. “I turned out the prize-winning Company G for that year,” he recalled, “which took 19 of the 20 silver cups and other trophies offered by Eastern Seaboard Reserve.”

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