Historical Fiction
Explorer of far-flung realms

Historical Fiction
Explorer of
far-flung realms

Mister Tidwell, Gunner trade paperback

As an adventure writer, Ron’s credentials were unmatched. He not only had complete mastery in storytelling but through his vast travels and his own many adventures, he was able to bring the reader so close to the action it seemed they were living it themselves.

As such, the research for his stories was not conducted in an ivory tower; he knew whereof he wrote. His travels took him several times to China, the first of which was in 1927 with brief stops in Japan, Shanghai, and Hong Kong that whetted his appetite for the East. A year later, at the age of seventeen, Ron left school in Washington State, made his way to California and boarded the USS Henderson, a Navy ship headed for Guam. He arrived there in July 1928, and within weeks had signed on as a crew member on the two-masted, 116-ton Mariana Maru, bound for Java and the Chinese coast.

As a writer, he forgot nothing of what he saw and, in one form or another, utilized much of it in stories for years, endowing them with the kind of detail that transported readers from their staid lives to exotic locales filled with adventure and color.

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All Frontiers Are Jealous trade paperback
The Battling Pilot trade paperback
The Dive Bomber trade paperback
Hurtling Wings trade paperback
Inky Odds trade paperback
Man-Killers of the Air trade paperback
Mister Tidwell, Gunner trade paperback
Sky Birds Dare! trade paperback
The Sky-Crasher trade paperback
Tomb of the Ten Thousand Dead trade paperback
Trouble on His Wings trade paperback
Under the Black Ensign trade paperback

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