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Discover the complete collection of novels, novellas, and short stories by master storyteller L. Ron Hubbard.

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A Journey Beyond the Veil of RealityDALL-E

Definition of Fantasy Novel: A Journey Beyond the Veil of Reality

Find out how L. Ron Hubbard defines fantasy and how he compares fantasy and science fiction. Also, get a Fantasy History and Genre Education 101, including descriptions of some of the currently sprawling sub-genres: Urban Fantasy, Grimdark Fantasy, Romantasy, and many more.
Rain as a Catalyst in Murder Mysteries

Elements of a Good Mystery Story: Rain as a Catalyst in Murder Mysteries

Rain has an uncanny ability to set a somber tone, act as an ominous prelude to the macabre, serve as a character in its own right, and act as a catalyst in murder mysteries.
Little Known Facts - Trouble on His Wings

The Little-Known Facts of Newsreels from Trouble on His Wings

Before the Internet and TV there were newsreels. These preceded feature presentations in cinemas worldwide to give news and updates on current events.

Battlefield Earth Book

Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000

In 1980, Ron returned to his typewriter both for his own amusement and to celebrate his fiftieth year as a professional writer. The result was Battlefield Earth, a novel of pure science fiction. Freed from the constraints of the magazine format, Ron delivered a story of 428,750 words—the biggest single-volume science fiction novel ever published.

Mission Earth 1-10 trade paperback

The Mission Earth Series

While Battlefield Earth caught many by surprise, no one was prepared for the unique and unprecedented work that followed it. Writing once more in the science fiction genre, Ron created an unsurpassed masterpiece of satire and social commentary within the framework of a rousing intergalactic adventure. It is full of biting insights about the condition of our planet, its people, and its institutions.

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