Battlefield Earth
A Saga of the Year 3000

Battlefield Earth

Battlefield Earth Audiobook CD

Award-Winning Audiobook

The Audie award–winning “movie of the mind” unabridged Battlefield Earth audio drama is over 47 hours.

It features 67 actors performing 198 different characters. As the novel is filled with a vivid mix of characters and types, accents, and ages, it was paramount to assemble a full cast of talented international actors. Performers with theater and television backgrounds came together with equal excitement to participate in this massive production.

The voices are augmented with more than 150,000 cinematic quality sound effects to create a rich and accurate aural landscape.

With over 2,500 ★★★★★ reviews, this “action-packed blockbuster of an audio production” is a completely immersive aural experience.

Battlefield Earth is a multi-cast production complete with music and sound effects and for what is probably Hubbard’s crowning achievement they pulled out all the stops.”

—Audiobook Heaven

“This animation-style soundtrack impressively dramatizes Hubbard’s massive vision of bringing together Golden Age science fiction, Western, air-war, and adventure themes in a work of more than 1,000 pages. The result is a vivid movie of the mind.”


“The futuristic tale, featuring aliens and humans fighting for survival, comes across as compelling and believable.”


Discover the Audiobook

Unabridged | 47.5 hours | Full-cast production | Available on CD, digital download, and USB.

“The sheer scope of this production of the epic sci-fi adventure Battlefield Earth is breathtaking.”

—Stefan Rudnicki
Grammy-winning audiobook producer

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Battlefield Earth Audiobook

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