Slaves & Masters of Sleep
Adventures in the parallel worlds
of Earth and the land of the jinn

Slaves & Masters of Sleep
Adventures in the parallel worlds
of Earth and the land of the jinn

In the popular fiction magazines of the 1930s, L. Ron Hubbard was known for bringing real people to his stories and for injecting life and passion into his characters. His western tales were routinely at the top of readers’ polls, and his detective and action stories were likewise acknowledged for sustaining several magazines. Street & Smith, one of the era’s largest and most distinguished publishing firms, knew this well and subsequently called on Ron to bring real characters to alien landscapes, and thereby was one of those who launched science fiction into its Golden Age.

So it was natural for Street & Smith to call on Ron again the next year, and ask him to help build a new magazine devoted entirely to fantasy: Unknown.

The request arrived in a letter to Ron, dated January 23, 1939, where Campbell admitted he was “having a hell of a time” finding the “truly adult forms” of fantasy he sought, and confessed that “genuinely first-rate fantasy is hard to get.” Campbell went on to write that Ron had “a natural, and not common, talent” and he asked Ron to help bring real people into the realm of the fantastic.

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“A brash enthusiasm in this and others of his early works that makes them worth reading.”

—Science Fiction Chronicle

“A lusty and satisfying adventure … Perhaps its superiority lies in the authenticity of the maritime flavour (derived no doubt from the author’s own seafaring experience) … Altogether a delightful fireside adventure for a winter’s night.”

—Kemp McDonald
Fantasy Review

“This is an excellent, highly imaginative book … it has everything: boats, romance, violence, beautiful women, drama, suspense, love, and an excellent set of characters.”

The Tempest

Discover the Audiobook

Abridged | 5½ hours | Narrated by René Auberjonois

René Auberjonois, best known for playing Odo on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, narrated the abridged 5½ hour audiobook.

“An expertly written fantasy sure to inspire laughs, cheers, jeers, and thought. If your tastes are for fun, lively adventure in fantastic places, this book will surely whet your appetite.”

The Penn

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