Buckskin Brigades
A panoramic journey across
the pages of American history

Buckskin Brigades
A panoramic journey across
the pages of American history

Buckskin Brigades, originally published in 1937, was L. Ron Hubbard’s first novel to appear in hardcover. A towering adventure of the nascent American Northwest, it skillfully weaves together multiple storylines. The novel follows the history of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, and its encounter in 1806 with the Blackfeet Indians near what is now Helena, Montana. It also introduces the era’s rapacious fur traders and a figure of singular destiny—a white man named Michael Kirk known to the Blackfeet as “Yellow Hair.”

At a time when traditional western novels and movies excluded a Native American point of view, Ron spun an unconventional historical yarn told through the body, heart, and mind of Yellow Hair, who, although white, was raised as a member of the Blackfeet tribe. Ron described the tribe as “the mightiest body of fighters on the plains; the truest of gentlemen.”

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“An engrossing historical adventure.”

—The Denver Post

“A thriller in a new locale … An adventure yarn with a distinct new setting in fiction … historically true … exciting reading.”

Raleigh Observer

“It brings a bit of belated justice for the Indians.”

—San Diego Union

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Abridged | 3 hours | Narrated by Bruce Boxleitner

“Thrillingly narrated by Bruce Boxleitner, Buckskin Brigades was one of the best of L. Ron Hubbard’s western action/adventure tales!” —Reviewer’s Bookwatch

“Bruce Boxleitner’s narration of Yellow Hair’s mission to protect his adopted people from the savage perfidiousness of the fur traders after the death of the chief is accomplished with all of his considerable acting talents.”

St. Louis Dispatch

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