Mission Earth
Wickedly cynical. Endlessly hilarious.
Science Fiction.

Mission Earth
Wickedly cynical. Endlessly hilarious.
Science Fiction.

The Mission Earth Dekalogy*

Earth does not exist. Or so they want you to believe. Who are they and what do they want? They are the Voltarians of Voltar—an empire 110 planets strong. They are already among us. And the invasion is about to begin…. Or is it? The truth is far more sinister. It’s the end of the world as you know it … and the beginning of one of the most spectacular, thought-provoking, and wildly inventive works of science fiction and espionage of our time.

While Battlefield Earth caught many by surprise, no one was prepared for the unique and unprecedented work that followed it. Writing once more in the science fiction genre, Ron created an unsurpassed masterpiece of satire and social commentary within the framework of a rousing intergalactic adventure. It is full of biting insights about the condition of our planet, its people, and its institutions.

Ron completed Battlefield Earth in October 1980 while living in Newport Beach. He began writing Mission Earth in December of the same year. But before he could finish it, his lifelong zest for adventure led him to strike out on a trip up the West Coast of the United States. He wrote while journeying along the coast in his state-of-the-art Bluebird motor home. Each evening, he’d sketch out character descriptions, scenes, and dialogue for the following day’s writing. The next day, he’d type out another 5,000 words on one of his Underwood typewriters. By August 19, 1981, he had completed the entire story—6,500 pages of handwritten notes and 3,800 typed pages over some eight months in his seventieth year.

*Dekalogy: a group of ten volumes.

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“Rich inventiveness, brisk pacing and a large cast of appealing characters.”


“Highly entertaining, action-packed, humorous, even sarcastic. A biting and witty SF adventure.”

—Kevin J. Anderson
co-author in the Dune universe

The Invaders Plan is quite simply the most cynical science fiction novel ever written. Endlessly hilarious. Wicked and funny.”

The Detroit News

Invaders Plan: Mission Earth Volume 1 trade paperback
Black Genesis: Mission Earth Volume 2 trade paperback
Enemy Within: Mission Earth Volume 3 trade paperback
An Alien Affair: Mission Earth Volume 4 trade paperback
Fortune of Fear: Mission Earth Volume 5 trade paperback
Death Quest: Mission Earth Volume 6 trade paperback
Voyage of Vengeance: Mission Earth Volume 7 trade paperback
Disaster: Mission Earth Volume 8 trade paperback
Villainy Victorious: Mission Earth Volume 9 trade paperback
The Doomed Planet: Mission Earth Volume 10 trade paperback

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