Final Blackout
A literary achievement
in futuristic fiction

Final Blackout
A literary achievement
in futuristic fiction

With war breaking out in Europe, and Americans fiercely debating whether to join the battle, the serialization of Ron’s story, Final Blackout, exploded into the public consciousness in the April, May, and June 1940 issues of the Astounding Science Fiction magazine.

Months before, editor John W. Campbell, Jr. had alerted readers that they were in for something special. Writing in the January issue, and offering the “honest opinion of a long-time science fiction reader,” he informed his readers that Ron’s upcoming novel was one of “the most powerful and meaningful stories science fiction has produced.” He went even further, advocating that if readers had friends they wanted to introduce to science fiction, this was the story to get them started. In the March edition, Campbell compared Ron to the greatest science fiction writer known at the time. He wrote: “I feel that even H. G. Wells never wrote anything more powerful than Final Blackout.

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“A survivor of the test of time. The story strikes deep.”

—Larry Niven
author of Ringworld

“Like Fatherland, Hubbard spins a masterful tale of suspense and nonstop action in Final Blackout.

—Harold Robbins
author of The Adventurers

Final Blackout is as perfect a piece of science fiction as has ever been written.”

—Robert A. Heinlein
author of Starship Troopers

Discover the Audiobook

Abridged | 3 hours | Narrated by Roddy McDowall

Roddy McDowall narrates the 3-hour abridged audiobook. He told listeners how much he enjoyed recording L. Ron Hubbard’s books: “They’re all highly imaginative. They’re wonderful to record—and they are recorded almost in their entirety because they are full of great characters.”

“A gritty, imaginative tale of survival and heroic leadership that is a chilling prophesy for our time. A work of stunning vision that is right on the mark.”

—Greg Dinallo
author or Rockets’ Red Glare

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