Mystery & Suspense
Master of thrilling detective

Mystery & Suspense
Master of thrilling detective

L. Ron Hubbard’s stories of mystery, detection, and investigative procedure—the crime-solving processes he characterized as “the art of observation”—were exceedingly well-wrought and warmly received from their initial appearance in 1934. Fashioned with his fast, spare, vivid style, they plunge the reader into the heart of a murder mystery, the inside circle of danger within the maze of crime, always with the defining authenticity of reality that epitomizes L. Ron Hubbard’s fiction, whatever the genre.

With mystery, as with adventure, he refused to write in a vacuum or to speculate about what could be known. To create an authentic foundation for his detective fiction, he interviewed a wide spectrum of law enforcement officials, police officers, and federal investigators.

Moving to New York City in late 1934, he struck up a long-term friendship with the city’s chief medical examiner who introduced him to the fascinating realities of forensic medicine. “The morgue,” the coroner assured him, “is open to you anytime, Hubbard.”

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The Mystery & Suspense Collection includes all the titles shown below. A total of 11 titles with 21 short stories in all.

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Brass Keys to Murder trade paperback
Cargo of Coffins trade paperback
The Carnival of Death trade paperback
The Chee-Chalker trade paperback
Dead Men Kill trade paperback
False Cargo trade paperback
Hurricane trade paperback
Killer's Law trade paperback
Mouthpiece trade paperback
The Slickers trade paperback
Spy Killer trade paperback

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