Fine Art Prints
Inspired by a
Master Storyteller

Fine Art Prints
Inspired by a Master Storyteller

L. Ron Hubbard’s stories inspired a myriad of artists during the Golden Age of Science Fiction. This tradition continued with the release of the epic science fiction novel Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000 and his magnum opus, Mission Earth, in the 1980s. At the time we commissioned artists to create a collection of fine art based on those works for book covers, music albums, calendars, posters, etc.

We also reproduced the art as limited edition lithographs. Each one is hand-signed and numbered by the artist, comes with a certificate of authenticity, and is available with gallery-quality framing.

In this catalog, we present the lithographs that are currently available. Quantities are limited, and as these sell out, there will be no other autographed images.

These lithographs vibrantly and visually tell the stories that we love. Wherever possible, we have included a brief quote from Battlefield Earth or Mission Earth that describes the particular image’s scene.

Enjoy this fusion of writing with visual art and bring one or more of these masterpieces to your den, library, or office.

The Printing Process

To surpass industry standards, we retained one of only two printing facilities in the world specializing in a unique form of high quality “continuous-tone” print reproduction.

This printing process does not rely on screened halftone dots. Hence it is almost 1:1 in resolution compared to the original art. A continuous-tone lithograph can have up to twenty-seven colors, which have to be laid down one color at a time, whereas standard printing processes use only four to six colors.

Screenless lithography achieves extraordinary fidelity, fullness of tone, color and detail, impressive color saturation, and clear line resolution. Today, only one continuous-tone printing facility remains in Japan through which museums, artists, and publishers with exacting standards re-create their finest works of art.

The limited edition fine art prints presented in this catalog were reproduced using this remarkable printing process on a pearlescent archival paper with an expected life measured in centuries.

The Frazetta Collection

A Collaboration of The Masters

Frank Frazetta (1928–2010) is renowned for the iconic, groundbreaking imagery he created as both an illustrator and painter. He is sought after by book publishers, the entertainment industry and art collectors with his artistry featured on books, posters, album covers and in museums the world over.

L. Ron Hubbard called Frazetta the “King of Illustrators”—a tribute to the artist’s mastery, popularity, and enduring influence over the world of illustration. Frank Frazetta stated, “I loved illustrating action and adventure stories and no one wrote them better than L. Ron Hubbard.”

In this suite of seven fine art lithographs, Frazetta brilliantly demonstrates his unsurpassed talent as he captures the essence of characters from L. Ron Hubbard’s bestselling science fiction works. The collection also includes four dramatic cover illustrations for the L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future series.

  • The Countess


  • Dreamflight


  • Encounter


  • Leaping Lizards

    Leaping Lizards

  • The Lieutenant


  • Man, the Endangered Species

    Man, the Endangered Species

  • Moonrider



The Battlefield Earth Collection

Battlefield Earth signaled L. Ron Hubbard’s return to popular literature generally and, specifically, to science fiction. First published in October 1982, it became a breakaway New York Times and international bestseller.

Distinguished artists from around the world have since captured the excitement and grandeur of this epic intergalactic science fiction adventure. A selection of their visions is still available in the form of limited edition fine art prints.

From the covers done by world-renowned British artist Gerry Grace to award-winning Japanese artist Shun Kijima, to the half-dozen top artists commissioned to create paintings for a Battlefield Earth calendar, the scenes and characters are graphically portrayed with all the vitality, atmosphere and energy of Battlefield Earth.

  • Battle of Edinburgh

    Battle of Edinburgh

  • The Challenge


  • Chrissie Dreams of Rescue

    Chrissie Dreams of Rescue

  • Discovery of the Underground Base

    Discovery of the Underground Base

  • Glencannon’s Run

    Glencannon’s Run

  • Insurrection


  • Jonnie Goodboy Tyler International Edition

    Jonnie Goodboy Tyler International Edition

  • Jonnie Goodboy Tyler United States Edition

    Jonnie Goodboy Tyler United States Edition

  • The Learning Machine

    Learning Machine

  • The Legend


  • Pursuit


  • Robert the Fox

    Robert the Fox


The Mission Earth Collection

“He breaks all the rules,” said the Everett (Washington) Herald, getting to the very heart of L. Ron Hubbard’s ten-volume magnum opus of intergalactic adventure and gale-force social satire, Mission Earth. “The old master has created a new genre and a veritable blockbuster,” the newspaper went on, “and moves the art of science fiction into a new realm of entertainment as well as education.”

Launched on the heels of Battlefield Earth, wickedly funny, and with a host of unique characters, we also commissioned artists to depict scenes from the wildly inventive and thought-provoking Mission Earth bestselling series.

Today, a selection of lithographic reproductions is still available. This includes Gerry Grace’s cover art for the original ten-volume dekalogy, a series of spirited, bold, and iconic paintings.

  • Black Genesis

    Black Genesis

  • Bullet Ball Champion

    Bullet Ball Champion

  • Death Quest

    Death Quest

  • The Enemy Within

    Enemy Within

  • The Invaders Plan

    Invaders Plan

  • Jettero and Hightee Heller

    Jettero and Hightee Heller

  • Joy City

    Joy City

  • The Manco Devil

    Manco Devil

  • Soltan Gris

    Soltan Gris

  • Tug One

    Tug One

  • The Widow Tayl

    Widow Tayl


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