Mission Earth
Wickedly cynical. Endlessly hilarious.
Science Fiction.

Mission Earth
Wickedly cynical. Endlessly hilarious.
Science Fiction.

The Mission Earth Album

Mission Earth, the music album, was produced in collaboration with rock legend Edgar Winter and stands as a soundtrack for the ten-volume epic.

Music critics described the album as “a daring conceptual project and an impressive undertaking of tremendous musicianship.”

The lyrics themselves are interwoven into the text of Mission Earth in the manner of a Persian romance (as in Ron’s longtime favorite, The Arabian Nights).

As an accomplished musician, Ron composed the music and created rhythms and counter-rhythms all described by one reviewer as “music which spans the gamut of busy orchestrated arrangements, to bluesy ’40s jazz, to contemporary pop … dominated by creatively programmed keyboards. Rooting it all down is heavy percussion and a powerful upfront mix on the drums.”

Cry Out

Marching Song of the Protesters

Of the eight songs on the album, “Cry Out” stands as his lyrical call to arms. Part of Ron’s vision for the book was to raise awareness of the plight of Earth and spur people to take action to remedy its polluted state.

Adopted as the rallying cry for environmental groups the world over, “Cry Out” became the anthem of the 20th anniversary of Earth Day International, with proceeds from the single benefiting the United Nations Environmental Programme.

The message is as relevant today as it was in the early 1980s when it was written. Here are the lyrics in full.


Marching Song of the Protesters

Once it was a very nice planet
A home for those of us who care
But there are fools in high places
Who foul the sea and air
They dump the land with toxic waste
They spill the sea with oil
They poison plant and animal
And irradiate the air and soil

We’ve got to, Cry out, Protest
Object, Be heard
Day in, day out
This fight must never rest
It’s time to save the world

Cry out, Protest
Object, Be heard
Let’s raise a shout
Make this our common quest
To build a better world

And that’s not the worst,
The deadly burst of radiation fission looms
Threatening to send the lot of us
To our collective dooms
To hell with those whose carelessness
In pollution is expressed
To hell with force politics
Where victory is only death


This planet once was so alive
And nature bloomed in every spot
The time to save the Earth is now
’Cause it’s the only home we’ve got


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