Things to do when Bored

With so many people stuck at home, the threat of boredom is at an all-time high. Here are a few things to do when bored which always work for my family.

Noir Detective: The Golden Threads of Mystery Books

Famous detectives, from the noir detective to the classic mystery, share a common thread: the ability to see what others do not.

Scared of Things That Go Bump in the Night?

People fear what they don’t know or don’t understand and that includes things that go bump in the night. Read on to find out if fear is the mind killer or not.

L. Ron Hubbard Fiction: Order of Books

Is there a recommendation of which L. Ron Hubbard fiction book to begin with? Is there a recommended order of books to read?

Hard-Boiled Detective Thrills, Chills & Murder Mysteries

How did Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, L. Ron Hubbard and Dashiell Hammett hammer out hard-boiled detective stories in the Golden Age of Detective Fiction?

Best Mystery Books

Looking for a great murder mystery? These book recommendations are what mystery lovers are reading. Discover these amazing gems.

Spice Up Your Murder Mystery Dinner with Hard-Boiled Detective Lingo

Entertaining and amusing hard-boiled detective lingo to impress your murder mystery dinner guests or make you sound more tough, hardheaded and cool.

When the Going Gets Tough, Americans Get Going: The Hard-Boiled Detective Pulp Renaissance

Author Thomas McNulty traces the rise of the gangster movies and the birth of hard-boiled detective pulp fiction and the current pulp renaissance.

The Real True Detectives

Gritty, raw, detectives stories, like those portrayed in the HBO series, True Detective didn’t happen overnight.

Seeing Double!

Last night director and narrator Phil Proctor must have thought he was seeing double after the show when he was congratulated for another fine performance of “Dead Men Kill” at the L. Ron Hubbard Theatre.