The Prime Directive: Ole Doc Methuselah Vs Captain Kirk of Star Trek

Captain Kirk and Ole Doc Methuselah both defied the prime directive of their respective superiors in difficult circumstances, but all in the name of doing the greater good for races, cultures, and civilizations.

1949 Hubbard and Heinlein Letter Correspondence

Experience the wit and verve in the 1949 letter exchange between L. Ron Hubbard and Robert A. Heinlein. Amid the friendly banter, get advice on how to pan for gold in your back yard, and find out who is Heinlein’s favorite Hubbard space series character.

Hard Science Fiction, Nomads, and Metaphors

I’ve had a career journey happening in parallel with my speculative fiction journey. Those parallel journeys have involved twists and turns, a handful of publications in small press magazines, and a decade and a half of not writing fiction at all. They also involved a long trek through a career in sustainable development.

Becoming a Writer of the Future: Lisa Silverthorne

The road to writing a winning story, “Summer of Thirty Years,” for Writers of the Future Contest and getting published in L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume 40 was a long and winding one for me. The journey started with believing in my work. And the spark of an idea that came from the heart.

Visual and Literary Description of Fantasy Subgenres

Beyond the boundaries of mundane reality exist enchanted worlds populated by valiant heroes, terrible monsters, and fantastical beings. Find out about the major subsets of this genre through visual and literary descriptions of each.

Visual and Literary Description of Sci-Fi Subgenres

Science fiction is a rich genre that thrives on exploring the unknown, leading to the emergence of a wide variety of Sci-Fi subgenres, each with its own unique characteristics and themes.

Definition of Fantasy Novel: A Journey Beyond the Veil of Reality

Find out how L. Ron Hubbard defines fantasy and how he compares fantasy and science fiction. Also, get a Fantasy History and Genre Education 101, including descriptions of some of the currently sprawling sub-genres: Urban Fantasy, Grimdark Fantasy, Romantasy, and many more.

If Looks Could Kill: The Greek Myth of Medusa and Modern Literature

The Greek myth of Medusa whose “looks could kill” has forever fascinated storytellers, readers, and horror enthusiasts with its terrifying power.

How did Futurist L. Ron Hubbard Make Innovative Predictions Known?

How L. Ron Hubbard made predictions of the future through his 10-Volume science fiction magnum opus, Mission Earth.