Captain Tom Bristol Teams with Boy Scouts of America in the Hollywood Christmas Parade

The five-story-tall Captain Tom Bristol was carried by Los Angeles Scout Troops 8, 88G, 555, and Cubs from Troop 88 in the Hollywood Christmas Parade.

The L. Ron Hubbard Theatre hosted the Hollywood Christmas Parade green room

The L. Ron Hubbard Theatre, located in the Author Services, Inc. building in Hollywood, just a block west of the famed Chinese Theatre, has been host to the green room for the Hollywood Christmas Parade for over a decade.

A Penal Colony in French Guiana―The Infamous Devil’s Island

The history of the French Guiana penal colony on Devil’s Island has inspired various works of literature, including several memoirs by survivors, documentaries, and movies.

If Looks Could Kill: The Greek Myth of Medusa and Modern Literature

The Greek myth of Medusa whose “looks could kill” has forever fascinated storytellers, readers, and horror enthusiasts with its terrifying power.

Hats, Horseshoes and Rodeos: A Note on Superstitions of the Old West

Age-old beliefs and superstitions, rooted in folklore and practicality, played a significant role in the lives of those who dared to conquer the untamed frontier and became fodder for authors of tales of the Old West.

Zombies: The History and Literature of Reanimated Corpses

Reanimated corpses stagger through movies, haunt us in October, creep onto our reading list, and slither into our nightmares. Who are they?

Galaxy Press Summer of Pop Culture Excitement

Galaxy Press attended four of the largest science fiction and fantasy pop culture conventions of the summer, San Diego Comic Con, Tampa Comic Con, Fan Expo Canada, and Atlanta Dragon Con.

How did Futurist L. Ron Hubbard Make Innovative Predictions Known?

How L. Ron Hubbard made predictions of the future through his 10-Volume science fiction magnum opus, Mission Earth.

Readers and Fans

What was it like to win the Readers of the Future Contest and fly to Hollywood meeting some of the significant authors of my life?