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Tyler Tarter Gala SelfieI had the pleasure of being chosen as the winner of the Readers of the Future contest this year, and it was a fantastic experience. I met some of the significant authors of my life. I learned from them and discovered the fundamental importance of this contest and the anthology. It was a fantastic experience that has changed me as a writer and given me a focus on my work that has been amazing.

Writers of the Future has quickly become a goal for me as a writer, but while I was there, I had the opportunity to see it through another lens as well. I’m a fan of good Science Fiction and Fantasy, and it was amazing to be surrounded by both legends of those genres and the new names that will be making their mark. I was also able to read the stories early. It was amazing that I couldn’t easily tell which stories were written by the judges and by the award winners.

Most people talk about the effect that this contest has on the writers and illustrators that enter, but there’s more to it than just that. After my trip to Hollywood and the connections I made, I’ve discovered that this contest should be a big deal for every fan of Fantasy and Science Fiction. Hopefully, below I’ll be able to explain this a little bit.

Readers and fans I know all have that one author they found before anyone else, and they love reminding their friends about it. In my friend group, it’s become part of our Christmas Party to gift books we think our friends will like. For a long time, I’ve tried to find a way to get ahead of the general readers’ groups on social media to find authors before they blow up. The best answer I’ve found is Writers and Illustrators of the Future.

The anthology should be a must-read book each year for any fans of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Author Services, Inc. and Galaxy Press do a fantastic job talking about the successes of the authors and illustrators that win this contest, so I’ll let you look into this on your own. For now, it should suffice to say that these winners quickly begin making their mark on the genres they write in almost immediately after the anthology comes out each year.

L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume 39
Writers of the Future Volume 38 trade paperback
cover for Writers of the Future 37 of a warrior woman holding a globe of light, standing in front of her horse and a Phoenix. Cover art by Echo Chernik.
Writers of the Future Volume 36
Writers of the Future Volume 35
Writers of the Future Volume 34
Writers of the Future Volume 33
Writers of the Future Volume 32
Writers of the Future Volume 31
Writers of the Future Volume 30

If you want to stay current on your favorite genre’s newest authors and artists, there is no better way than to read Writers of the Future. I’ve shared several of my favorite stories and artwork from Volume 39 on social media. I’m sure I’ll have a few more favorites as I reread it. I can’t wait to see what Volume 40 will contain, either.

There is a story for every type of reader in this volume, and you deserve to discover it yourself. There are stories that vary from an urban fantasy story about mythical creatures in Miami to a Sci-fi story about space pirates and a fantasy story about knights and dragons. I feel comfortable saying that if you like any form of Science Fiction or Fantasy, you will find at least one story you’ll love.

Buy Writers of the Future Volume 39.

Tyler TarterTyler Tarter grew up throughout the western United States, getting to live in several different places and experiencing several different states. After a few years of living in Brazil and on the east coast, he pursued his two loves of writing and technology. He currently spends his days working in the IT and Cyber Security field and his nights at a laptop writing.

Since he found the Writers of the Future Contest a year ago, he’s only missed one quarter while he was finishing his third self-published novel. He’s written both Fantasy and Science Fiction and has submitted stories in both genres for Writers of the Future. So far he’s received an Honorable Mention for his story “Salvaging Heaven.”

He currently lives in Springville, UT, and is an active member of both the League of Utah Writers and Wulf Moon’s Wolf Pack. With two more novels in various stages of editing and his short stories, he’s hard at work bringing the stories in his mind to life. Besides that, he spends his free time with his puppy Rex or painting his Warhammer army.

Find out more about Tyler Tarter at www.tylertarter.com.

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