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My Favorite Writers of the Future Story

Guest blogger William Joseph Roberts

I’ve been listening to L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume 34, half for enjoyment and half for research.

One of the best ways to know what to write for any contest, magazine, etc., is to read what they publish. If you read/listen to what they are putting out then you’ll have an idea of what sort of story, content-wise, feel, or the genre they prefer to publish. This also has a bit to do with the publication’s lead editor, so getting a feel for what they like also helps.

Illustrated by Maksym Polishchuk for

Illustrated by Maksym Polishchuk for “What Lies Beneath”

I’m nearly done with this anthology, and so far my personal favorite winner story is “What Lies Beneath” by Cole Hehr.

What Lies Beneath” is a good solid Sword and Sorcery type story in first person that just sucks you in from the get-go and takes you on an adventure of intrigue that ends with a twist that I never saw coming. I stopped the audio with a “holy-#@&*, did he just do that?” and I replayed the audio to make sure I hadn’t misheard the story. If for no other reason, this collection is worth getting just for the Cole Hehr story.

Cole Hehr’s visuals were so beautiful that I could picture being right there along for the ride without being inundated with an unneeded amount of excess description.

Maybe one of these days I’ll get lucky enough to cross paths with him and thank him for the awesome adventure.

William Joseph Roberts

In a previous lifetime, William Joseph Roberts was an F-15 mechanic and Staff Sergeant in the United States Air Force. He has traveled the world and experienced many strange and interesting things in his few years. He has been called a jack-of-all-trades, a Renaissance man, and an insane squirrel wrangler by his peers.

Since his enlistment ended, he has pursued careers as an industrial and architectural designer, design engineer, and is now an award-winning author, editor, and publisher with Three Ravens Publishing.

William Joseph Roberts currently resides in the quaint southern town of Chickamauga, Georgia with his loving wife, three freaky-smart nerd children, and a small pack of fur babies.

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  1. Dustin Adams
    Dustin Adams says:

    I adored that story as well. Read it several times. Three, I’m thinking. It definitely had a great twist, and not dues machina. It seemed fitting, but still took me off guard. Great story!


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