Slaves of Sleep—A Fantasy Tale of Arabian Mythology

Discover how L. Ron Hubbard weaves Arabian Nights lore and real-world adventure into a timeless a classic of the genre: Slaves of Sleep.

A Treasure of Words

Have you ever gone treasure hunting? I have experienced the thrill and anticipation of finding something of value in volumes of Writers of the Future.

Little Known Facts from Branded Outlaw

Little Known Facts about the guns that won the West, and stories of the West they inspired. Discover which guns made history by outlaws and lawmen alike.

Tasty Treats Inspired by Your Favorite Stories

5 recipes for tasty treats inspired by fiction, with alternates for sugar-free hot chocolate, healthy cinnamon rolls, and a dairy-free cookie recipe.

Little Known Facts from The Sky-Crasher

Little known facts of the 1930s added authenticity to The Sky-Crasher. Experience the courage of early aviators and how they live on through historical fiction.

Battlefield Earth: Four Decades ─Two Master Craftsmen

Letter of recognition honoring master craftsmen Frank Frazetta and L. Ron Hubbard presented by Frazetta daughter Holly Frazetta and granddaughter Sara Frazetta.

Battlefield Earth Kicks off Its 40th Anniversary With Public Librarians

Battlefield Earth by L. Ron Hubbard began its 40th anniversary celebrating at the Public Library Assn annual convention.