The Epic Hero

Epic heroes have inspired us since the beginning of recorded literature. Discover a few of L. Ron Hubbard’s timeless heroes and what defines epic.

Teacher Created Resources

Teacher created resources are essential to the teacher toolbox for English language arts, as experienced teachers know how to achieve the required skills.

Realistic Fiction Books

What is realistic fiction? Is it based on a true story? Find out what it is and why L. Ron Hubbard’s fiction is a trailblazing example. (get a free eBook).

Is the world ending?

Is the world ending? Threats of global warming dominate the media—especially in light of environmental disasters. Are science fiction stories warning us?

Family Radio Performance of the Western Romance “Ride ‘Em Cowboy!” by L. Ron Hubbard

The L. Ron Hubbard Theatre presented the western romance, “Ride ’Em, Cowboy!” by L. Ron Hubbard