Vida Cruz, Writers of the Future 2nd Q 2017 winner

Meet the Winners – Vida Cruz – WotF 2nd Q 2017

When it comes to writing advice, many writers will tell you not to stop writing. I’m going to be contradictory for a bit and tell you that yes, you should stop—at the right time, for the right reasons.

Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle at a book signing

Building Plausible Futures by Jerry Pournelle

This article by Dr. Jerry Pournelle was originally published in Writers of the Future Volume III. Timeless advice then and now.

Writer Winners - 1st Quarter

Writers of the Future Contest – 3rd Quarter 2017 Winners

The judging results are in! Here are the 3rd Quarter 2017 Writers of the Future Contest winners. Congratulations to you all!

Jerry Pournelle (1933-2017)

L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future Contest pays tribute to Dr. Jerry Pournelle and his legacy of helping new writers.

Now, back to the story.

Back to the Story

What defines “good” writing when it comes to a story? That’s a question that I have to ask time and again as I’m judging contest entries.

Battlefield Earth in the Dragon Con Parade 2017

Dragon Con 2017 – Day 2

Another great day at the Atlanta Dragon Con! It all started with the Dragon Con Parade and our entry featuring Battlefield Earth.

Girl at a typewriter

Avoiding Cliché Openings

Many years ago, Damon Knight, a fine writer and editor, wrote a book on how to write short fiction. Damon talked a bit about avoiding clichés.

Will Eisner

The Illustrators of the Future by Will Eisner

While my own career has been spent in the practice of sequential art, a form that arranges images and text in an intelligent sequence to tell a story, I have nonetheless always been professionally involved in the fundamentals of illustration. I, therefore, feel I have accumulated enough experience with which to endow my advice with some credibility.