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Audiobooks Make the Miles Fly

Audiobooks have long proven themselves a great way to read a book without having to actually “read” it. Perhaps when audiobooks first appeared on the marketplace, this was not the case, as they were abridged, meaning a shortened version of the book which could very often leave out important parts of the story. But today, virtually all audiobooks are UNabridged, and so you get the full story, exactly how the author intended it.

They have also become one of the fastest growing formats with an 18% increase in sales ($) volume and 34% increase in units sold just in the past year.

The most popular format is the downloaded audiobook which amounts to 87% of the entire industry with CDs now only 11% of the market.

Where are people listening?

Audiobook InfographicSo as the industry changes, we thought we would check out where people who love audiobooks like to listen to them.

A recent study done by Edison Research found that frequent listeners enjoy audiobooks: at home (92%), in their car/truck (65%), on a plane (50%), outdoors (42%), at work (41%), in the gym (39%), on a train/bus (32%) and other locations (34%).

From my perspective, it all makes sense and these are places that I will listen to audiobooks. All except for one: “In their truck.” I am not a truck driver and I found it interesting that it came up so high.

So we (Galaxy Press) interviewed several truckers at a trucking show to see what makes audiobooks so important to them—and specifically what makes Battlefield Earth so highly liked by truckers.

Here you go…

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