Cliff Nielsen

Cliff Nielsen – A Life of Dreams

Cliff’s viewpoint on the Contest is this: “Through this competition, L. Ron Hubbard’s great legacy of supporting young creative talents is without equal in the world today.”

Tim Napper

Tim Napper, Author & Quinlan Septer, Artist

When Tim Napper first got the call that he was a Writers of the Future winner, he actually argued with the person who was delivering the news—he refused to believe it!

Author Auston Habershaw signing Kevin J. Anderson’s book

Meet the Authors & Illustrators

Now that the Writers of the Future Volume 31 has officially released, the newly published authors and artists are starting their in-store book signing tour.

2015 Writers and Illustrators of the Future Winners

Available Everywhere — Writers of the Future Volume 31

Today is certainly a big day for all the Writers and Illustrators of the Future Winners who are published in the latest anthology, Volume 31, as it is now available everywhere fine books are sold.

Daniel Davis with Tina Gower

Daniel J. Davis and Alex Brock

The story, of course, isn’t about a real death god, but is inspired by Daniel’s pet dog.

The cast of "Dead Men Kill"

Seeing Double!

Last night director and narrator Phil Proctor must have thought he was seeing double after the show when he was congratulated for another fine performance of “Dead Men Kill” at the L. Ron Hubbard Theatre.

Samantha Murray, Sean Williams and Tim Napper

Spotlight on Sean Williams

Every year we publish the Writers of the Future anthology of winning stories. This is our 31st year and it seems that with each volume, the authors and illustrators are just better and better. This year is no exception.