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The Prime Directive: Ole Doc Methuselah Vs Captain Kirk of Star Trek

Captain Kirk and Ole Doc Methuselah both defied the prime directive of their respective superiors in difficult circumstances, but all in the name of doing the greater good for races, cultures, and civilizations.

A Campfire Story From “The Camp-Fire”

Where did iconic explorers, legendary adventurers and master storytellers of the pulp fiction era go to discuss their campfire stories? “The Camp-Fire” editorial column in the Adventure pulp magazine! And this is the campfire story as told by a real-life Indiana Jones―L. Ron Hubbard.

Visual and Literary Description of Sci-Fi Subgenres

Science fiction is a rich genre that thrives on exploring the unknown, leading to the emergence of a wide variety of Sci-Fi subgenres, each with its own unique characteristics and themes.

Definition of Fantasy Novel: A Journey Beyond the Veil of Reality

Find out how L. Ron Hubbard defines fantasy and how he compares fantasy and science fiction. Also, get a Fantasy History and Genre Education 101, including descriptions of some of the currently sprawling sub-genres: Urban Fantasy, Grimdark Fantasy, Romantasy, and many more.

Elements of a Good Mystery Story: Rain as a Catalyst in Murder Mysteries

Rain has an uncanny ability to set a somber tone, act as an ominous prelude to the macabre, serve as a character in its own right, and act as a catalyst in murder mysteries.

The Little-Known Facts of Newsreels from Trouble on His Wings

Before the Internet and TV there were newsreels. These preceded feature presentations in cinemas worldwide to give news and updates on current events.

Captain Tom Bristol Teams with Boy Scouts of America in the Hollywood Christmas Parade

The five-story-tall Captain Tom Bristol was carried by Los Angeles Scout Troops 8, 88G, 555, and Cubs from Troop 88 in the Hollywood Christmas Parade.

The L. Ron Hubbard Theatre hosted the Hollywood Christmas Parade green room

The L. Ron Hubbard Theatre, located in the Author Services, Inc. building in Hollywood, just a block west of the famed Chinese Theatre, has been host to the green room for the Hollywood Christmas Parade for over a decade.

A Penal Colony in French Guiana―The Infamous Devil’s Island

The history of the French Guiana penal colony on Devil’s Island has inspired various works of literature, including several memoirs by survivors, documentaries, and movies.

Hats, Horseshoes and Rodeos: A Note on Superstitions of the Old West

Age-old beliefs and superstitions, rooted in folklore and practicality, played a significant role in the lives of those who dared to conquer the untamed frontier and became fodder for authors of tales of the Old West.