Captain Tom Bristol in the Hollywood Christmas Parade

Hollywood Christmas Parade

Hollywood / November 2014

Before Jack Sparrow, there was Captain Tom Bristol from Under the Black Ensign, standing five stories tall.

Under the Black Ensign by L. Ron Hubbard features Captain Tom Bristol who will be seen—all 60 feet of him—in the annual Hollywood Christmas Parade.

It is an interesting observation how history has painted the pirate—or buccaneer—as the bad guy. Yet, it is that very same pirate we cheer on, not as a victim deserving our sympathy, rather a free spirited adventurer, living life to its fullest. And so it will be for Captain Tom Bristol, lately of the cruel British ship the HMS Terror, where he had been press-ganged into serving (for more information, see Under the Black Ensign).  He has now been freed and is coming to Hollywood to navigate the narrow straits of Hollywood and Vine and Sunset Boulevards to help Los Angeles celebrate another year of growth and to toast in the New Year for continued prosperity.

Joining the famous pirate on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is a colorful array of characters, marching bands, floats, celebrities—and, of course, Santa Claus himself—all taking part in the festivities which benefit the Marine’s Toys for Tots program.

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