Jim Meskimen

Battlefield Earth by L. Ron Hubbard is read by fans across the country in new video released by Galaxy Pres

Hollywood, CA – Galaxy Press released a new video of fans across the country reading a section of Battlefield Earth, the 1,000-page science fiction novel written by L. Ron Hubbard.

The video was posted on the Battlefield Earth facebook page with a challenge for anyone that can name all of the historic locations in the video. Some of the easier ones include the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas Strip and Washington Monument. Some of the other locations in the video are not quite as easy to spot, but the video does show some of the beauty of America and looked like fun to make for those involved.

The video is opened and closed by actor, stand-up comedian and impressionist Jim Meskimen, the director of the Battlefield Earth audiobook, which came out in 2016 and hit bestseller lists. It was also named as “Best sci fi audiobook of the year” by AudioFile Magazine. The book additionally hit the number 1 spot on several bestseller lists in 2016.

“You see a lot of fan videos for songs and music, but I have not seen one for a reading of a book—particularly one that spans across the entire US,” said John Goodwin, president Galaxy Press. “It is certainly nice to see fans promoting reading and any contribution to encouraging people to read will benefit our society.”

This is not the first video Galaxy Press has done to promote reading. In December 2014, a video entitled “I Am A Reader” which featured actors, musicians and regular people talking about why they read was uploaded and the video quickly spread across the internet. It promoted all the benefits of reading, while not promoting any particular book or author.

To find out more about the Battlefield Earth book or audiobook, go to www.BattlefieldEarth.com.

You can see the video at Facebook/battlefieldearth.