L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume 39

24 Award-winning Authors and Illustrators
Bonus short stories plus art and writing tips by
L. Ron Hubbard / Kevin J. Anderson / S.M. Stirling / Lazarus Chernik / Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Art and Writing Tips:

“Circulate” by L. Ron Hubbard: Hubbard tells the story of fellow high-production writer Jack London, who worked out a formula that allowed him to write even when he seemed fresh out of ideas. This bit of advice proved magical for top production writers in the past and remains just as effective today.

“What Is Art Direction?” by Lazarus Chernik: In the worlds of marketing and publishing, an art director is to art as an editor is to the written word or the music producer is to rock ’n’ roll. We are the voice of reason that helps the artist shape their vision into the finished product. Our names rarely get mentioned for our contributions, but those in the know—know.

“Prioritize to Increase Your Writing” by Kristine Kathryn Rusch: Kris’s life is challenging, but she is still one of the most prolific writers of her generation. Here she writes about what works for her in the hopes that others might find inspiration from it. She hopes this helps you or a loved one. Taking care of yourself includes taking care of your dreams.

3 Bonus Short Stories:

“Fire in the Hole” by Kevin J. Anderson: Dan Shamble, Zombie P.I., faces one of his funniest and most perplexing cases ever—an enlightened ogre, a salamander with low self-esteem, and a raging fire dragon terrorizing the Unnatural Quarter!

“The Unwilling Hero” by L. Ron Hubbard: Vic Harden wasn’t lured by glory on a daring mission into the reaches of outer space—he was ordered out there by his editor.

“Constant Never” by S. M. Stirling: Knights, damsels and dragons, curses and fates foretold—the stuff of legends and stories, but unexpectedly perverse.


The Sci-FI and Fantasy of Tomorrow Selected by Masters of Today

Stories selected by bestselling authors, including:
Kevin J. Anderson
Orson Scott Card
Brian Herbert
Jody Lynn Nye
Nnedi Okorafor
Tim Powers
Brandon Sanderson
Robert J. Sawyer
Robert Silverberg
Dean Wesley Smith
S.M. Stirling
Sean Williams

Illustrations selected by celebrated artists, including:
Echo Chernik
Diane Dillon
Bob Eggleton
Craig Elliott
Larry Elmore
Bea Jackson
Stephan Martiniere
Mike Perkins
Rob Prior
Dan dos Santos
Tom Wood

12 Award-Winning Authors—Story Synopses

“Kitsune” by Devon Bohm: A miracle? An omen? Or something else? One day, they arrived in droves—the foxes of the desert, the field, the imagination. . . .

“Moonlight and Funk” by Marianne Xenos: When a vampire, a dragon and a shape-shifting Chihuahua meet on a beach in Key West, fireworks go off! But that’s just the background. “Moonlight and Funk” by Marianne Xenos

“Death and the Taxman” by David Hankins: The Grim Reaper, trapped in an IRS agent’s dying body, must regain his powers before he dies and faces judgment for his original sin.

“Under My Cypresses” by Jason Palmatier: In a metaverse future, a woman who exposes falseness in others must decide what is real to her—the love she lost or the love she may have found.

“White Elephant” by David K. Henrickson: Dangerous opportunities present themselves when an alien ship arrives in the solar system seeking repairs.

“Piracy for Beginners” by J. R. Johnson: With her spaceship at the wrong end of a pirate’s guns, a former war hero must face down her enemies and demons to save Earth’s last best chance for peace.

“A Trickle in History” by Elaine Midcoh: Years after the Second Holocaust, the last surviving Jews on earth attempt to rewrite the past.

“The Withering Sky” by Arthur H. Manners: When I said I’d do anything to pay off my debts and get back home to Earth, I didn’t mean survey a derelict spaceship at the edge of the solar system—but here I am.

“The Fall of Crodendra M.” by T. J. Knight: High-powered telescopes bring galactic life to our TVs, and network tuner Hank Enos figures he’s seen everything—until the day an alien boy stares back.

“The Children of Desolation” by Spencer Sekulin: Determined to save his wife, Tumelo takes an unlikely client through South Africa’s ruins to the heart of the Desolation—a journey that will cost or save everything.

“Timelines and Bloodlines” by L. H. Davis: When a terrorist smuggles a nuclear weapon into London, a team regresses in time to AD 1093 to assassinate a knight on the battlefield, thereby eliminating the terrorist a millennia before his birth.

“The Last History” by Samuel Parr: The Grand Exam, a gateway to power for one, likely death for all others—its entrants include ambitious nobles, desperate peasants, and Quiet Gate, an old woman with nothing left to lose.

Critical Acclaim

“Reading a Writers of the Future volume is like looking at the desert after the rainstorm—suddenly, when you least expect it, you’ll see an explosion of color and life in an amazing variety.”
—Kevin J. Anderson

“There’s only one reason to pick up Writers of the Future, and that’s because the stories are wonderful.”
—Orson Scott Card

“L. Ron Hubbard ignited the spark of imagination, which in the minds of these new artists has become a blaze.”
—Bob Eggleton

“The benefit of the Writers of the Future Contest is not only to individuals; it is to the community of SF writers as a whole, for such a program elevates the quality of SF writing by bringing on board talented future professionals.”
—Brian Herbert

“I’m very happy to be able to lend my help to the Writers of the Future program. The more good writers there are, the more good readers there will be. We’ll all benefit‍—writers and readers alike!”
—Frank Herbert

“Writers of the Future is the gold standard of emerging talent into the field of science fiction fantasy that has contributed more to the genre than any other source.”
—Midwest Book Review

“The best new stories by new writers, anywhere.”
—Larry Niven

“Some of the most excellent speculative fiction that you can find anywhere. They’re cutting edge. They’re new.”
—Nnedi Okorafor

“From cutting-edge high-tech to evocative fantasy, this book’s got it all.”
—Tim Powers


“These are the people who are going to be creating trends.”
—Brandon Sanderson

“The Illustrators of the Future is an amazing compass for what the art industry holds in store for all of us.”
—Dan dos Santos

“See the best of the best culled for you, curated and selected in a single volume every year.”
—Robert J. Sawyer

“Writers of the Future is always one of the best anthologies of the year.”

“It’s an honor to present these amazingly talented individuals and their wonderful work in this anthology.”
—Tom Wood

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EPUB ISBN: 978-1-61986-765-9 • $9.99

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Page count: 528 pages

Edelweiss catalog: Writers of the Future

Link for free writing workshop: Writing Workshop


Edited by: Jody Lynn Nye and Dean Wesley Smith

16-page color Gallery of Artwork

Cover art by: Tom Wood

Audiences: sci-fi/fantasy readers and aspiring writers

Interest level: Grades 7-up / Lexile 800 / GRL Z+

Discussion Guide for book clubs and reading groups

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