The Idealist, published in 1940 in Astounding Science-Fiction

“The Idealist”
Published under the pen name Kurt von Rachen

Publication date: July 1940

Original publication: Astounding Science-Fiction

Genre: Science Fiction

Series: The Kilkenny Cats

Story description: The year is 2893, and the world is ruled by the despot Fagar the Deliverer, who is determined to obliterate his opposition. But the captive legal system decides, virtually as a joke, to send the two principal dissident groups—the scientists and the longshoremen—to colonize the planet Sereon, confident the rival groups will destroy each other. Along with them go the dissident “Idealist” Colonel Stephen Gailbraith and the rebellious Vicky Stanton. Gailbraith determines during the trip to Serion to overthrow Fagar.