An Alien Affair: Mission Earth Volume 4 trade paperback

Mission Earth Volume 4: An Alien Affair
by L. Ron Hubbard

Publication date: July 1986

Original publication: Bridge Publications (hardcover)

Genre: Science Fiction

Story description: Love is a battlefield—and that means war! Soltan Gris, the Voltarian narrator, is confessing all. Jettero Heller’s behind the wheel of a souped-up Caddy, fueled by a new sustainable energy source, in a race against time—not to mention suicide car bombers and accelerator bullets. Meanwhile, in the hands of sadistic sweethearts named Miss Pinch and Candy Licorice, Soltan Gris is learning there is nothing more seductive, more tantalizing or more terrifying than AN ALIEN AFFAIR.

Currently available in the book Mission Earth Volume 4: An Alien Affair.