Black Genesis: Mission Earth Volume 2 trade paperback

Mission Earth Volume 2: Black Genesis
by L. Ron Hubbard

Publication date: March 1986

Original publication: Bridge Publications (hardcover)

Genre: Science Fiction

Story description: The Voltarians are coming! Drugs. Sex. Murder. Taxes. Welcome to planet Earth. Their mission has begun and Soltan Gris has a confession to make. Some call it satire. Gris calls it a BLACK GENESIS. Jettero Heller of the Voltarian Fleet is on a top-secret expedition to rescue Earth from pollution and global warming—and make it safe for the upcoming invasion. Between Mafia wars and brothel whores, ruthless IRS agents, crazy cab drivers and weapons of mass destruction, it’s one heck of an arrival.

Currently available in the book Mission Earth Volume 2: Black Genesis.