The Doomed Planet: Mission Earth Volume 10 trade paperback

Mission Earth Volume 10: The Doomed Planet
by L. Ron Hubbard

Publication date: November 1987

Original publication: Bridge Publications (hardcover)

Genre: Science Fiction

Story description: Fasten your seat belts. Mission Earth is approaching climax.… The brilliant (by his own account) investigative journalist Monte Pennwell is reporting. Powerful forces are on the move. There are riots in the streets. Unimaginable dangers are about to be unleashed by Lombar Hisst. And Royal Officer Jettero Heller is determined to save both Voltar and Earth from extinction. Experience the unfolding mysteries and the biting, inescapable truths in the final reckoning of THE DOOMED PLANET.

Currently available in the book Mission Earth Volume 10: The Doomed Planet.