Ai! Pedrito!—When Intelligence Goes Wrong, published in 1998

Ai! Pedrito! An original story by L. Ron Hubbard. Novelized by Kevin J. Anderson.

Publication date: July 1998

Original publication: Bridge Publications (hardcover)

Genre: Action & Adventure

Story description: A rollicking and unpredictable adventure through the world of spies and double agents, lovers and enemies (often one and same).

It has been said that somewhere in the world you have an exact double. This rocket-ride of a novel ignites with the sudden cry of “Ai! Pedrito!,” as Naval Lieutenant Tom Smith discovers that his exact look-alike is the notorious South American revolutionary and spy, Pedrito Miraflores.

Inspired by a real incident in the life of L. Ron Hubbard, Ai! Pedrito! is a fun-to-read, compelling novel of what can sometimes happen when intelligence goes wrong.

Currently available in the book Ai! Pedrito!.