Battlefield Earth Leather Wrap
Battlefield Earth Leather WrapBattlefield Earth Leather Wrap

The Battlefield Earth

First Edition Leather Wrap

Each one of our Battlefield Earth First Edition leather wraps is handcrafted in the United States at Winston Leather, a company that specializes in custom leather products and has been in business since 1939.

We asked the owner to give us a tour of his production facility and show us how the leather wraps are created.

We thought you would be interested in joining us on this tour.

Cutting dies

1. The first step is making the die which is used to cut the leather in the shape of the wrap.

Die cutting the leather

2. The die is then mounted on a press to cut the leather in the desired shape.

Cut pieces ready for the next part of the line.

3. The cut pieces of leather are now ready for the next part of the production line.

Hand turning edges

4. Each leather wrap is hand assembled and prepared for final sewing.

Sewing the pieces together

5. Next the pieces of leather are sewn together.

Foil stamping the author's name and title on the spine

6. Next the piece that will be on the spine of the book is foil stamped.

Threading the wrap

7. Then the leather thong is threaded through the holes in the cover flap section.

Cleaning and packaging

8. Each of the completed wraps are cleaned and inspected to ensure they meet Winston Leather’s final quality control specifications before being shipped.

Battlefield Earth First Edition leather wrap ready to be shipped out

9. At Galaxy Press, a Battlefield Earth First Edition book is inserted into the wrap and a book plate is added as the final step. Your book is now ready to be shipped out.

The material used for the wrap is a soft, supple, genuine full-grain imported leather available in your choice of color: Cheyenne brown or Spanish dark brown.

The title and author’s name are burnished on the spine.

Just as Jonnie would have bundled it.

“In that trench here, sixty-seven cadets died, fighting the last battle of the Psychlo invasion over a thousand years ago. When I first saw that trench, it gave me my first hope. It was not that they lost, it was that they fought at all against hopeless odds. They did not die in vain. We are here. We are fighting again. You and your fellow pilots control the skies of Earth.”

—Jonnie Goodboy Tyler
Battlefield Earth

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