Series:L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future

Pages:496 Pages

Writers of the Future Volume 32

FICTION / Science Fiction / Collections & Anthologies

By L. Ron Hubbard (Author), Tim Powers (Author), Brandon Sanderson (Author), Sean Williams (Author), Sergey Poyarkov (Author), James Williams (Author), J.W. Alden (Author), Stewart Baker (Author), Matt Dovey (Author), Jon Lasser (Author), Rachael K. Jones (Author), Sylvia Hiven (Author), Ryan Row (Author), Robert Gaves (Author), H.L. Fullerton (Author), Christoph Weber (Author), Stephen Merlino (Author), Julie Frost (Author), K.D. Julicher (Author)


You are about to meet: YOUR NEXT FAVORITE AUTHOR

Welcome to the 32nd edition of Writers of the Future—with brand-new journeys through space, time and possibility. Along the way, you'll meet interesting people such as Nate, a loyal companion—like most werewolves.

Then there's Danny, whose problem is that the Internet just escaped. Keani has a parasite that lets her look like anyone, but who is she really?

Chiq's trading cards each hold the title to an entire world. Liza owns a dinosaur maker, but raw ingredients can be a problem. Anna slaves away in a factory where her magic won't provide her barest needs. And we all know that Yvina can bring peace to her people—if only she can channel her inner bear.

The answers, the stories, the visions, and the mind-stretching possibilities are all waiting inside.

“The Writers of the Future contest looks for people with the best imaginations who can see through the possibilities of the strangest and best ideas and tell stories that intrigue us and involve us." —Orson Scott Card

Celebrate the 32nd anniversary of the Writers of the Future Contest and the 27th anniversary of the Illustrators of the Future Contest


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