Writers of the Future 1st Quarter Winners

Writers of the Future Contest – 3rd Quarter 2017 Winners

The judging results are in! Here are the 3rd Quarter 2017 Writers of the Future Contest winners.


1st Place – Darci Stone from Utah

2nd Place – Eric Bundy from North Carolina

3rd Place – N.R.M. Roshak from Canada


K.L. Evangelista from Australia

Neil Flinchbaugh from Illinois

Kate Julicher from Nevada

Django Mathijsen & Anaid Haen from the Netherlands

M. Elizabeth Ticknor from Michigan


Dawn Bonanno from Illinois

Lee Carroll from Kenya

David Cleden from the United Kingdom

Jose Pablo Iriarte from Florida

A.J. Martin from Ohio

John M. Olsen from Utah

David VonAllmen from Missouri

Corey White from Australia

Silver Honorable Mention

B. Morris Allen from Virginia

Ron-Tyler Budhram from Kansas

Travis Burnham from South Carolina

Taylor De Smidt from California

Frank Dutkiewicz from Michigan

LeeAnna Guido from New York

Barbara Lund from Utah

Robin T. Quackenbush from Virginia

Brittany Rainsdon from Idaho

Josh Schlossberg from Colorado

Charles D. Shell from Virginia

Patrick Stahl from Pennsylvania

C.K. Stevenson from New York

N. Immanuel Velez from Virginia

Robinne L. Weiss from New Zealand

Honorable Mention

Dustin Adams from New York

Nicholas Adams from Utah

Mike Adamson from Australia

Ingmar Albizu from Pennsylvania

Kyle Appleton from Massachusetts

Brian Peter Asman from California

Alexandra Balasa from Texas

Joe Benet from North Carolina

Rick Bennett from Utah

W.B. Biggs from Mississippi

Rob Bleckly from Australia

Alicia Cay from Colorado

Sarah Celiann from Illinois

Yuk Chi Chan from Singapore

Jordan A. Chase from Oregon

David J. Cochrane from Louisiana

Scott Forbes Crawford from Washington D.C.

Joshua Crowder from Georgia

Paulo da Silva from Germany

Heather Lee Dyer from Idaho

Amaka J. Egbe from Texas

Matan Elul from Australia

Jason Evans from Illinois

Benjamin Scott Farthing from Virginia

Jonathan Ficke from Wisconsin

Steven Fischer from Wisconsin

Anne Fleeson from North Carolina

A.J. Flowers from Michigan

Laurie Gailunas from Michigan

Brian C. Hailes from Utah

Clint Hall from Georgia

Philip Brian Hall from the United Kingdom

Scot Hanson from Idaho

Brother Raban Heyer, OSB from Arkansas

Gary J. Hurtubise from Canada

Mitchell Inkley from Utah

Stephan James from Missouri

Edmund Jonah from Israel

Tandiwhe Kongela from Washington

Steve Kopka from Illinois

Jason Lairamore from Oklahoma

A.A. Leil from Massachusetts

Bonner Litchfield from North Carolina

Hank Lyne from The Netherlands

Russ Madison Jr. from Georgia

Mo Mamdouh-Motleb from Canada

August Marion from Washington

James Maxstadt from North Carolina

Robert J. McCarter from Arizona

Shawn McKee from Texas

Devin Miller from North Carolina

Wulf Moon from Washington

Karin E. Nalepa from Ohio

Dana Nisewarner from West Virginia

Leslie Starr O’Hara from North Carolina

Rosie Oliver from the United Kingdom

Kirstie Olley from Australia

Fredrick V. Omoike from Texas

Y.M. Pang from Canada

Isaac E. Payne from Pennsylvania

Vasillis J. Petrovic from Greece

Breany L. Pfeifer from Nebraska

Jeff Pusateri from Illinois

H.L. Reinhold from the United Kingdom

Jack Ryan from Arkansas

Samantha Lynne Sargent from Canada

Emery Schultz from California

Abhishek Sengupta from India

Michael Silton from California

John Skylar from New York

Robert Anthony Smith from New Jersey

Crystal Sosa from Texas

Stephanie Sorth from California

C.L. Spillard from the United Kingdom

D.A. Xiaolin Spires from New Jersey

Tim Stevens from New York

W.B. Sullivan from Massachusetts

Dan Summers from Michigan

Vincent Sutherland from Arizona

Gretchen Tessmer from New York

Laura Thurston from Minnesota

Rebecca E. Treasure from Mississippi

Andrew Valorson from Wisconsin

Wendy Van Camp from California

Dawn Vogel from Washington

Corrine Watson from North Carolina

Luke A. Wildman from Indiana

J.M. Williams from Korea

Thomas Woodward from Minnesota

Ramez Yoakeim from Australia