Writers of the Future 1st Quarter Winners

Writers of the Future 1st Quarter 2017 Winners

The Writers of the Future judging results are in! And here are the winners for the Writers of the Future 1st Quarter 2017.


1st Place – Jeremy A. TeGrontenhuis from Washington

2nd Place – Diana Hart from Washington

3rd Place – Janey Bell from Illinois


Tom Fisken from New Jersey

Joanne Lim-Pousard from California

Rajeev Prasad from California

Jeremy Szak from Australia

Stuart Turnbull from United Kingdom


Van Alrik from Utah

Molly Elizabeth Atkins from Missouri

Lewis Friend from California

Kelly Green from California

Robert J. McCarter from Arizona

Hannah Reinhold from the United Kingdom

Filip Wiltgren from Sweden

J. Deery Wray from California

Silver Honorable Mention

Brandon Daubs from California

Raymund Eich from Texas

Suzanne Ferguson from Louisiana

AJ Fitzwater from New Zealand

Adam Groce from Texas

Cass Sims Knight from Oregon

Kenneth D. Lee from Utah

Annaliese Lemmon from Washington

Kurt Pankau from Missouri

Rebecca G.E. Stooks from Virginia

Allison Thai from Texas

David VonAllmen from Missouri

Honorable Mention

Warren Agee from California

John Allen from United Kingdom

Moshe Ash from New York

James Beamon from Virginia

Amanda Betley from Australia

Rebecca Birch from Washington

Ray Blank from United Kingdom

Ross Browning from Texas

Carrie Callahan from Kentucky

Dale Carothers from Minnesota

Ben Cartwright from Washington

Benjamin Cheah Kai Wai from Singapore

Rui Cid from Portugal

David Cleden from United Kingdom

Jareb Collins from California

Brandon Crilly from Canada

Paulo Da Silva from Germany

Ken Dean from Florida

Kate Dlugosz from Ohio

Max Dosser from North Carolina

Em Dupre from New York

Robert Evans form California

T.A. Fenner from Wisconsin

O.E. Fine from Massachusetts

Steven Fischer from Wisconsin

Stephen Fitzmaurice from Oregon

Laurie Gailunas from Michigan

Philip Brian Hall from United Kingdom

Mary-Jean Harris from Canada

Louis Herring-Jones from Alabama

C.R. Hodges from Colorado

Mitchell Inkley from Utah

Katlyn Jenning from Missouri

Kent A. Jones from Minnesota

Andrea Kriz from Massachusetts

Jason Lairamore from Oklahoma

Ryland J.K. Lee from Japan

Caitlin Levine from New Mexico

Ned Lips from Missouri

Caleb March from Florida

August Marion from Washington

Brandon McNulty from Pennsylvania

Katherine R. Miller from Colorado

Sean Monaghan from New Zealand

Luke Nolby from Minnesota

Adam O’Connell from England

Rosie Oliver from the United Kingdom

John M. Olsen from Utah

Y.M. Pang from Canada

Samuel Parr from the United Kingdom

Dagny Paul from Louisiana

Kelly Peck from California

Robert Redwine from Oregon

Kevin Rimlinger from Maryland

Mike Robinson from California

Dan Rosen from Minnesota

Joshua Sky from California

Laura Thurston from Minnesota

Elizabeth Trueblood from Michigan

Immanuel Velez from Virginia

J.S. Veter from Canada

Dawn Vogel from Washington

Grace K. Wallner from Wisconsin

Neal Williams from Colorado

Brad Williamson from Missouri

Ramez Yoakeim from California