Battlefield Earth


First Edition Leatherbound

The Limited Edition Battlefield Earth leatherbound is called Windsplitter, celebrating Jonnie Goodboy Tyler’s fastest horse and steadfast companion, who is always there for him whatever the odds.

Together they go head-to-head against the formidable Psychlo aliens who have overrun Earth and put Man on the endangered species list. The ideal gift for any hardcore fan of L. Ron Hubbard’s Battlefield Earth.

Each edition is handcrafted by master craftsmen using the finest of materials. Produced with first edition copies deliberately held back and meticulously preserved from the 1982 first print run of Battlefield Earth.

  • Individually tanned and dyed calfskin leather imported from Scotland
  • Handmade endpaper made by the Otomi Indians from acid-free bark fibers of fig and mulberry trees
  • Each book is accented with speckled edges
  • Hand inserted brown ribbon placeholder
  • Only 250 copies available

“Windsplitter was sidling about, biting at the grass, but not really eating. He had his eye on Jonnie. They were obviously going somewhere, and Windsplitter was not going to be left out.” — L. Ron Hubbard

Windsplitter Leatherbound ribbon
Windsplitter Leatherbound Front
Windsplitter Leatherbound spine
Windsplitter Leatherbound endpaper