UFOs in Washington DC, 1952

UFO Sightings: A Peaceful Union or a Battlefield Earth?

Big government maintains that there are no such things as intelligent alien life forms, while evidence to the contrary abounds. There were 2,625 reported UFO sightings in 2000, 3,069 reported sightings in 2010 and 4,881 in 2017—all listed with the National UFO Reporting Center.

“Behind the scenes, high ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about UFOs. But through official secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense.” – Former head of the CIA Roscoe Hillenkoetter, 1960

Friend or Foe?

Considerable speculation exists as to what the future holds when humankind formally meets up with alien races. Who’s to say whether they will be friend or foe.

Here are some interesting facts on the history of UFO sightings from the first “official sighting” and the possibilities of what this all means:

Roswell Daily RecordJune 1947 – Private pilot Kenneth Arnold makes the first post-War UFO sighting at Mt. Rainier in Washington State. Arnold reported seeing 9 disc-like objects moving at an estimated 1,200 miles an hour information flying “like a saucer would if you skipped it across the water.” From this incident, the term “flying saucers” was born.

July 1947 – The historic crash of a “saucer” outside Roswell, New Mexico, grabs the attention of Americans. Newspaper headlines announced the capture of a flying saucer by the army air force.

July 1952 – Over a period of two weeks, UFOs were sighted by air traffic controllers at Washington National airport and separately by an airline captain over the city of Washington, DC.

April 1966 – House Committee on Armed Services holds hearing on UFO evidence with an evident purpose of suppressing the subject in a highly controlled presentation. The request for the hearing had been initiated by the House Republican leader (and the future President) Gerald Ford.

The Interrupted Journey by John G. Fuller1966 – Writer John G. Fuller publishes the book The Interrupted Journey giving the details of Betty and Barney Hill abduction by aliens. Excerpts of the book are published in Look Magazine. This is the first broad introduction to the general public of this phenomenon.

December 1969 – The US Air Force’s study of UFOs entitled “Project Blue Book” is closed down. Initiated in 1952, the summary of its seventeen-year investigation is aimed at further negating the existence of UFO phenomena.

November 1975 – While working in the White Mountains, Arizona logger Travis Walton claimed he was abducted by a UFO and underwent rigorous testing by aliens in their ship. His account was later made into the movie, Fire in the Sky (Paramount Pictures) based on Walton’s book, The Walton Experience.

Summer 1977 – NASA sent two unmanned space probes into space to explore the outer reaches of our solar system and onward from there to deep space. These were Voyager I (Sept. 5, 1977) and II (Aug 20, 1977). After 40 years, they are over 10 trillion miles from Earth and continue to send data back to NASA daily.

Sketch of the UFO 1977 – The first reported account of “crop circles phenomenon” is reported in Alaska near the town of Eagle. In December 1978 a full account of the discovery was published in an article entitled “UFOs Terrorize Alaska” complete with sketches of the UFO “base camp” in Ideal’s UFO Magazine, issue #4. It is the first of many such sightings brought to the attention of the general public.

December 1979Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Paramount Pictures) found Earth under attack by a foreign cloud called V’ger returning to its Creator which turns out to be one of the Voyager space probes returning home after being considerably enhanced by an electronics life form from deep space.

December 1980 – Unexplained lights and a UFO are observed in the Rendlesham Forest by US Air Force personnel stationed at the Woodbridge RAF Base located in Suffolk, England.

October 1982Battlefield Earth by L. Ron Hubbard, the first science fiction main-stream bestseller in two decades, is published. The novel is based on the premise of Earth in the year 3000, after having been overtaken by a ruthless alien race 1000 years earlier. The aliens learned of Earth and its valuable mineral resources from a probe they picked up in deep space that gave directions to Earth.

November 1989Linda Cortile is abducted through the window of her New York apartment, an event that is witnessed by several people from the Brooklyn Bridge.

July 1991 – Videos were taken of a disk sighted over Mexico City during an eclipse. The event was observed by multiple sources.

Photo of the Titan IV explosion.August 1993 – A Titan IV rocket exploded less than a minute after takeoff at a height of 100,000 feet. The official explanation blamed the loss on a rocket motor segment. However, Air Force Colonel Frank Sterling, the Titan IV program manager stated an Air Force video of the launch showed an unidentified object striking the Titan IV just before the explosion.

March 1997 – Multiple sightings of a “V” shaped cluster of lights above Nevada and Arizona. A CGI rendering of the object created by witness Tim Ley appeared in USA Today.

August 2012 – The Voyager 1 probe enters deep space with its message to the stars carried on a gold disc while in December 2014 Voyager 2 enters the “heliosheath”—the outermost layer of the heliosphere.

September 2016 – SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket being tested at Cape Canaveral in Florida exploded. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said the rocket’s explosion was “the most difficult and complex failure we have ever had in 14 years,” and he added his team was not ruling out the possibility of an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) striking the Falcon 9.

October 2016New York Times bestselling author Jim Marrs, author of Alien Agenda notes in his booklet “Alien Invasion: Is Earth Prepared?”

“It has been noticed that every time a space launch is announced with some innocuous payload, such as parts for the space station or a communications satellite, the launch seems to go off without a hitch. Yet when there is a secret launch, usually only described as military in nature, these often explode or get lost.”

For the full article, go here: “Alien Invasion: Is Earth Prepared?” Part 1.

December 2017 – The US Defense Department’s Advanced Threat Identification Program released a video of a 2004 encounter between two Navy F/A-18F fighter jets and a UFO near San Diego. Navy pilot Commander David Fravor said in an interview, “It accelerated like nothing I’ve ever seen.” He added he was “pretty weirded out.”

In a Rocky Mountain News interview after releasing Battlefield Earth, the author stated,

“Am I saying an alien invasion is possible? I am saying that the reader should decide. I just wrote the story. Regardless, it is the story of how mankind could survive, and why.” –L. Ron Hubbard

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    MACTRUQUE says:

    UFOs are a government organized conspiracy to keep religion from evolving by managing the separation between alien and spiritual ideas. The government has used strategic experimental aircraft and other events to maintain civil, happy, public ignorance of thousands of years of events, like the star of Bethlehem. It is in our faces, but no one wants to know.

    • Larry Cox
      Larry Cox says:

      You mean the coverup is a government-organized conspiracy? And what about the ETs? Don’t they perhaps a part in all this? Some consider this a very important subject regarding the future of Mankind. Others think we are all over-reacting. The deniers are obviously mistaken, but why are they so persistent? There are a lot of unsettled issues in this subject. None of us really need to speak as though we know the whole answer.

  2. 1resolute
    1resolute says:

    Anyone who thinks we are alone in these billions and billions (or is it trillions and trillions?) of planets and stars must have some idea of, what? We are the only ones? And what are those odds? I’ve personally seen UFOs. Of course they could take us with little problem but we do have a hell of a lot of spiritual might to fight back! And win!

    • John Goodwin
      John Goodwin says:

      It’s billions just in our galaxy. Then take the fact of billions of galaxies and the number becomes absurdly huge.
      Your point to the spiritual might of humankind was exactly the point the author was making in Battlefield Earth. He spoke about that very point in an interview we published in the 2016 edition of the trade paperback.

  3. Mikhail
    Mikhail says:

    There is new evidence of life out there. Not just water on Mars. This –

    People I think are ignoring evidence. What happened to the planet that is now the Khuyber Belt? What fences where on the Dark Side of the moon?


    It doesn’t take a great imagination to believe that SOMETHING is not being revealed. Or more fascinatingly, not revealing itself.

    Wonderful piece of fiction I have read twice – BE by LRH. Not that much a work of fiction in my humble opinion. Look at the brain implants of the Psychlos. The nuclear fallout. The burned Ozone.

    Ride this thrill and the real life ones too guys.

  4. Wm Stanley
    Wm Stanley says:

    Well OK. My father designed and built may model aircraft. The most notable was a teardrop shaped based upon the Clark foil, the shape that creates lift when an air-stream moves across the surface of a wing. The craft had no wings. He called it a flying fuselage – He named it “Excalibur”, perhaps from the work of a friend of his who live lived a few blocks away on P Street in Georgetown, Washington, D.C. He flew the model of this in Montrose Park that was bu a few blocks from where we lived at the time. It did not fly like the usual airplanes, it seemed to jump into the air and hover. My dad later said that full scale such a machine could take off from an aircraft carrier at less than 35 miles per hour – It would jump into the air and could travel as fast as the incorporated power system could push it (I was propelled!) A streamlined wooden model was tested in a wind tunnel by a man named “Crook”, who true to his name, stole the design and sold it to Hillier Aircraft. They later built a flying model, but abandoned production because of instability. My dad had not given Crook all of the data.

    After his death in 1959 my mother donated the models and designs over to the US Government. Later attempts to locate what had been done with these were unsuccessful – They had their “best men working on it”. Perhaps someday….

    • John Goodwin
      John Goodwin says:

      I remember reading in an article by Ron Hubbard that there were several methods of flight that had been established but that we had only proceded with a few of them. Perhaps the teardrop was one of them.

  5. Larry Cox
    Larry Cox says:

    I’m glad to see Galaxy Press run an article on this issue.
    However, I don’t see that any short article like this could do justice to the subject.
    This is one of the most scrambled and interfered-with subjects on the planet today.
    Why can’t we remember more details about ET from our own distant pasts? Some can. Is, or was, somebody really scared that a more general “awakening” might occur? What would they be scared of? The revelation that they don’t really know what they are doing and aren’t really in control of the situation, perhaps? Would a true awakening on this subject really change that much? Did those in control over-react to the whole UFO sightings phenomenon?
    We can totally assume that some of the ships that have been observed are really ET ships and that governments, both public-facing and secretive, are involved in trying to keep the issue “under control.” Then the discussion becomes: What would be a saner approach to the whole situation? Battlefield Earth gives some interesting clues.

    • John Goodwin
      John Goodwin says:

      Thanks Larry – I just responded to another one of your comments.
      I have certainly gotten hundreds of comments from this blog post (and a few very similar) on social media. It remains a very hot topic. Just this past week, astronaut Leland Melvin (who was one of our keynote speakers at a Writers of the Future event) commented on social media about seeing something (UFO) while in space and NASA immediately disputed any such thing existing.
      Something that I think is observable in recent past is that as technology advances, its use as a tool to subjugate also advances. Many if not most advances are funded as military objectives and as long as a military advantage can be seen, funding continues. Military objectives are not peaceful in nature.
      So provided ETs don’t just come down and stomp on us (provided we aren’t already quarantined as a planet), there is a real concern that I see of military interest solely for the purpose of usurping any technology.

  6. Charles Disalvo
    Charles Disalvo says:

    People never look up. I’ve have seen many UFO’S in the sky. New your, Pennsylvania, Florida. I just want to talk to someone who believes. We never went to the Moon. It was made a film studio.

  7. Maureen
    Maureen says:

    Ive seen many strange things in the Florida skys. I am always looking up. I believe with no doubt there is something out there. We do not know whatever it may be if they are here to help us or hurt us. Personally I think they are here to help lets hope Im right.


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