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Theatre: No Greater Love—Feb 14, 2015

This weekend we have an exceptional Valentine’s Day show for radio theater enthusiast—the romantic air adventure entitled “No Greater Love.” A young woman pilot must brave a blizzard to fly emergency medical supplies to the scene of a mine disaster only to find herself stranded high in the Rockies in her downed plane and in need of rescue.

A high-flying adventure where both life and love are at stake.

Before commercial airline hubs and the word “autopilot” even existed, there was the sheer thrill of flying and the dauntless spirit of the men—and women—who barnstormed and raced the early flying machines. Women often did not get the publicity of their male counterparts of the 1920’s and ’30s and so it was not uncommon for the female pilots to push the envelope harder than their male cohorts and competitors in order to stand out.

L. Ron Hubbard understood both the lure and reality of the skies. He was a barnstorming pilot himself and one of America’s first glider pilots. His impressive aviation skills and devil-may-care attitude toward the heavens shine through the lines of his high-flying adventure, and this week’s performance, “No Greater Love.” Here, Ron not only proves his ability as a writer to bring the reader into the story, but he also demonstrates his deftness in knowing the human heart when life and love are at stake.

For more information about the cast, show times and tickets, click here.

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