Christmas comes but once a year but this collection of L. Ron Hubbard’s Stories from the Golden Age audiobooks will last a lifetime.

We have a huge selection from sci-fi and fantasy to mystery and suspense, from military and historical fiction to the Wild West and non-stop adventure—ideal gifts to spark imagination and transport readers to faraway worlds.

World Class Audiobooks

Described by fans as “blockbuster movies inside your head,” the L. Ron Hubbard audio dramatizations are in a league of their own.

  • Multicast performances by a superb cast of voice-over actors
  • Cinematic production and movie-quality sound effects with original music to create a movie in your mind experience
  • Highest quality audio recordings
  • Each audiobook was directed to give you the ultimate listening experience and bring a whole new dimension to “being in the action.

Need Help Selecting a Gift?

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Happy holidays from our galaxy of books and audiobooks to yours!