Series:Golden Age Stories

Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Story Audiobook Collection

By L. Ron Hubbard (Author), R.F. Daley (Narrator), Multicast (Performer)

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As a master of the art of narrative and one of the leaders in the Golden Age of Science Fiction, L. Ron Hubbard's Sci-Fi and Fantasy stories helped reshape the future of speculative fiction. The universe is your oyster as you explore fabulous worlds of unfolding mystery and unlimited potential. Discover the herald of possibility in these out-of-this-world adventures.

The 11-audiobook collection includes 32 short stories and 22 hours of immersive entertainment.

  • All stories are unabridged
  • Multi-cast productions
  • State-of-the-art cinematic quality sound effects that put you right in the stories.

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The titles and short stories in this collection are:

A Matter of Matter
includes: "The Conroy Diary," "The Planet Makers" and "The Obsolete Weapon"

Beyond All Weapons
includes "Strain" and "The Invaders"

The Crossroads
includes: "Borrowed Glory" and "The Devil's Rescue"

Danger in the Dark
includes: "The Room" and "He Didn't Like Cats"

The Great Secret
includes: "Space Can," "The Beast" and "The Slaver"

includes: "Final Enemy" and "The Automagic Horse"

If I Were You
includes: "The Last Drop"

One Was Stubborn
includes: "A Can of Vacuum" and "240,000 Miles Straight Up"

The Professor Was a Thief
includes: "The Battle of Wizards" and "The Dangerous Dimension"

The Tramp

When Shadows Fall
includes: "Tough Old Man" and "Battling Bolto"

Performers include: R.F. Daley (narrator), Edoardo Ballerini, Lynsey Bartilson, Karen Black, Bruce Boxleitner, Corey Burton, Nancy Cartwright, Bob Caso, Jennifer Darling, Charles Durning, Lori Jablons, John Mariano, Jim Meskimen, Tamra Meskimen, Gino Montesinos, Noelle North, David Paladino, Rick Pasqualone, Jeff Pomerantz, Kristin Proctor, Phil Proctor, Enn Reitel, Tait Ruppert, Thomas Silcott, Fred Tatasciore, Kelly Ward, Chuck White and Michael Yurchak.


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