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Destiny's Drum and Hurricane audiobook

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Unabridged, Full-cast production
4 CDs, approx. 4 hours

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“Perfectly embodies the unbridled excitement of pulp fiction.”

—Midwest Book Review

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Combining great storytelling, an award-winning Hollywood cast, movie quality sound and music with high definition sound technology, the L. Ron Hubbard Golden Age audios earned AudioFile Magazine’s Audiobook of the Year award for six years running.

Phil Proctor, Christina Huntington, and R.F. Daley recording Golden Age audio drama

Phil Proctor, Christina Huntington, and R.F. Daley recording a Golden Age audio

Story Description

Destiny’s Drum

Soldier, adventurer, and a man of the world—with a touch of con man thrown in for good measure—Phil Sheridan is a perfect role for a young Indiana Jones. But Sheridan’s world-wandering ways may soon come to a very abrupt and violent end … on the long-forgotten Indonesian island of Kamling.

Falling into the hands of a bloodthirsty tribe led by the notorious slave trader known as Portuguese Joe, Sheridan discovers that there’s not enough room on the island for the two of them. And Portuguese Joe has the perfect solution: dispatch Sheridan to another world … with the help of a firing squad.

But Sheridan has other plans. The island is home to a hidden fortune in gold—and a gold miner’s beautiful daughter—and he means to get his hands on both of them. If he can avoid the exotic dangers lurking at every turn.…

Performed by R.F. Daley (narrator), Michelle Stafford, Rick Pasqualone, Michael Yurchak, and Jim Meskimen.

Story Description


In The Great Escape, Steve McQueen embodied the tough guy on the run from captivity and injustice. But when it comes to toughness, McQueen is following in the daring and determined footsteps of Captain Spar.

Wrongfully accused, Spar has been condemned to suffer the brutality of the guards and the conditions on Devil’s Island. But they haven’t broken his will. Now, escaped, he has one mission in life: revenge. Spar’s out to kill the man who put him into the devil’s hands. But he’ll have to take on a gallery of rogues who are as treacherous as the waters of the Caribbean.

Pressure is rising and a storm is brewing. But even in the face of a natural disaster, Spar discovers that nothing is more volatile than human nature—as temptation and danger are about to collide with Hurricane force.

Performed by R.F. Daley (narrator), Thomas Silcott, Jim Meskimen, Corey Burton, and Christina Huntington.

Author L. Ron Hubbard

L. Ron Hubbard was a giant of the great American pulp magazine era and known for living the adventures he wrote about. By the age of eighteen, Mr. Hubbard had already traveled via steamboat to the Far East and served as a helmsman on a twin-masted schooner off the coast of China. On those voyages, he had the opportunity to explore and investigate life on the islands of the South Pacific. His insights into the people and culture gained on those journeys are the foundation of realistic fiction, which shines through in stories like Destiny’s Drum and Hurricane (see the L. Ron Hubbard biography for more information).

“It is true escapist fun that is both timeless and hopeful.”

“Pulp fiction devotees need to put Hubbard’s works on their must-read lists.”

“…the story itself is thrilling.”

“Expect some very interesting twists and turns in the plot, the story may go a direction you aren’t expecting.”

Destiny's Drum audiobook
Hurricane audiobook

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Unabridged, Full-cast production
4 CDs, approx. 4 hours

A $25.90 value for only $12.95