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Mystery & Suspense Short Story Collection

FICTION / Mystery & Detective / Hard-Boiled

By L. Ron Hubbard (Author)


Cops, mobsters, detectives and newshawksall ingredients for disaster and elements for the edgy and breakneck detective fiction that was L. Ron Hubbard's trademark style. Whether it was sending a detective after killers who were already dead, or chasing down headhunters, he knew how to thrill readers and keep them guessing until the end.

The 11-book collection includes 21 short stories along with the illustrations from the original publications and glossaries of historical terms.

The titles and short stories in this collection are: Brass Keys to Murder, Cargo of Coffins, The Carnival of Death (includes: "The Death Flyer"), The Chee-Chalker, Dead Men Kill, False Cargo (includes: "Grounded"), Hurricane, Killer's Law (includes: "They Killed Him Dead," "The Mad Dog Murder" and "Blow Torch Murder"), Mouthpiece (includes: "Flame City," "Calling Squad Cars!" and "The Grease Spot"), The Slickers (includes: "Killer Ape" and "Murder Afloat") and Spy Killer.


Glossaries can be found under the individual titles in this collection.

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