Series:Golden Age Stories

The Kingslayer

Seven Steps to the Arbiter

By L. Ron Hubbard (Author), R.F. Daley (Narrator), Denice Duff (Performer), Jim Meskimen (Performer), Bob Caso (Performer), Jack Armstrong (Performer)


The year: 3975.

The man: Christopher Randolph Kellan.

The mission: Kill the king of the galaxy.

He is the Kingslayer.

Young Kit Kellan has led a rough-and-tumble life—knocking around the Vega System in his youth as a tiger hunter, brawler, and a bouncer in a bar. But his real fight is just beginning. Summarily expelled from the prestigious Terra University, he is taken into custody by an agent of the System Bureau of Investigation (SBI). Kit's crime: thinking too much and thinking too well.

He's not in custody for long, however. Snatched from captivity by the People's Revolutionary Society, Kit sets out an epic adventure that will take him to the farthest reaches of the universe—as he is chosen to undertake a mission of extraordinary difficulty and danger: assassinate the Arbiter.

Just who is the Arbiter? He is the omnipotent ruler of the stars. Empires rise and fall, wars rage, planets vanish … all at the snap of his fingers. And as Kit discovers, it's not easy to kill the most powerful man in the universe.

He'll have to outsmart shadowy spies, battle deadly saboteurs and match wits with women as beautiful as they are dangerous. In the end—if he lives to see the day—he might just make a discovery that will change him, and the galaxy, forever.

"An exciting novel of the future. One thrilling adventure to another, ending with a surprising climax. Highly recommended."Los Angeles Daily News


The Kingslayer Glossary

bagnios: slave prisons.

blarney, gift of: the gift of eloquence, the art of using language well and convincingly; said to be bestowed on anyone who kisses the blarney stone which is set in the wall below the battlements of the Blarney Castle, a medieval stronghold in Ireland.

carpet, on the: call on the carpet; summon for a scolding or rebuke.

doubloon: a gold coin formerly used in Spain and Spanish America.

fantan: a Chinese card game, the object of which is to play all of the cards in your hand without accumulating any points.

fie: an interjection, used to express disgust or disapproval.

gonnies: goodness; an expression of mild surprise or shock.

lying to: stopping with the vessel heading into the wind.

scrofulous: morally corrupt.

shooting his cuffs: lightly tugging on the coat sleeve, causing the white cuff of the shirt to pop out slightly. This term goes back to the late nineteenth century when the popular cuffs of the time were made of white linen and a thin layer of acetate which could be wiped clean with a damp cloth. One of the showy tricks of the day by a man concerned with his dress and appearance was to shoot his cuffs, making a sudden and showy display of his cuffs.

straw boss: a worker who also supervises a small work crew, acting as an assistant to the foreman.

toff: a member of the wealthy upper classes.

wheeze: an often repeated and widely known joke or story.