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Dead Men Kill: Homicide detective Terry Lane has solved the toughest cases. But can he stop a killer that is already dead? The walking dead are loose, spreading terror and showing no mercy. Detective Lane soon finds himself en route to the next zombie murder—namely his own.

Carnival of Death: Working deep undercover to break up a carnival drug ring, US narcotics agent Bob Clark sets out to solve a bizarre series of decapitations, putting his own head at risk.  Also, includes the short story The Death Flyer.

Fear: James Lowery doesn’t believe in ghosts, demons or evil spirits—that is, until having lost his hat and four hours of his life he is drawn into a vortex of the darkest hell. A secret evil is turning his whole world against him while it whispers a warning from the shadows: If you find your hat you’ll find your four hours. If you find your four hours then you will die…

“A classic tale of creeping, surreal menace and horror…one of the really, really good ones.” —Stephen King

Package available in print or audiobook (CD) format.

Halloween Special
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Halloween Special
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A true scare.

—Ray Bradbury

Get the complete Spooktacular Mystery & Suspense Collection and Save 25%

Get all 11 volumes in the Mystery & Suspense Collection—21 short stories in all—
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When writing mysteries, L. Ron Hubbard immersed himself in the salient subject matter—studying both forensic science and criminal investigation. He interviewed a wide spectrum of law enforcement officials, coroners, and even served as a Special Officer with the Los Angeles Police Department creating an authentic foundation for his detective fiction. So while his readers might remain in the dark until the final revelation, enjoying every twist and turn along the way, writing a mystery was never a mystery to Hubbard himself.

The 11-volume collection includes 21 short stories from murder mysteries and gangsters to detective noir.

Available in print or audiobook. Audiobooks are unabridged, full-cast productions with state-of-the-art sound effects that will put you right in the middle of the action. 22 CDs, approximately 22 hours of entertainment plus get the Fear audiobook, read by Roddy McDowall, for Free.

Mystery & Suspense
11-book package
Plus Fear FREE

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Mystery & Suspense
11-audiobook package
Plus Fear FREE

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A rollicking horror that taps into the current craze for zombies…

—Publishers Weekly

Mystery & Suspense Collection

From master storyteller L. Ron Hubbard comes a collection of thrillers from murder to psychological horror. Get caught up in a web of intrigue, betrayal and terror as you read the tales in the Mystery & Suspense Collection.  Visit GalaxyPress.com to purchase individual titles in the mystery & suspense genre.

Brass Keys to MurderBrass Keys to Murder: Lieutenant Steve Craig is in one hell of a mess. Falsely accused of murdering his own father he has less than 48 hours to clear his name. Pursued by the police and a devious unknown assailant, Craig has to overcome smugglers, thugs and treacherous underground bosses in order to unlock the astonishing secret of the brass keys, and uncover the truth behind his father’s death.  

Cargo of CoffinsCargo of Coffins: Paco Corvino, contraband runner and con man, was the last person Lars Marlin expected to see in Rio de Janeiro. Paco has schemed his way into a position as chief steward on a luxury yacht and, in a twist as devious as it is diabolical, has managed to install Lars as captain. No one on board knows the two are archenemies with a score to settle, leading to a treacherous voyage ahead!

Carnival of DeathThe Carnival of Death: Working deep undercover at Shreve’s Mammoth Carnival, US narcotics agent Bob Clark discovers first one and then another headless body. When four tribal headhunters who are a part of the show disappear they become the prime suspects. But Clark is not convinced; believing someone else is behind the slaughter. But if so, are the killings tied to the drug trafficking or is a deeper, darker, and even more sinister conspiracy at play? Also includes the short story “The Death Flyer.”

The Chee-ChalkerThe Chee-Chalker: Chee-Chalker: a newcomer or tenderfoot. Agent Bill Norton has been sent to Ketchikan, Alaska, to find his former boss who vanished while investigating a heroin smuggling operation. Initially, all he has to show for it is a string of ”accidental” drowning, a bunch of antagonized toughs and a few attempts on his life. But things start to get interesting when Elaine Halloway, a heart-stopping heiress to the Alaskan halibut trade, makes her presence known—along with a heap load of trouble for Bill.

Dead Men KillDead Men Kill: Detective Terry Lane, an incorruptible homicide cop, thought he had seen it all until he encounters several unlikely killers that appear to have arrived from six feet under. The walking dead are on the prowl, spreading terror and showing no mercy. Detective Lane soon finds himself en route to the next zombie murder—namely his own.

False CargoFalse Cargo: Insurance investigator Brent Calloway will go to any length to crack a case. Hired by Lloyd’s of London to go undercover to ensure safe passage of the vessel Barclay, Calloway will have to go to extremes to succeed. Posing as ruthless killer, Calloway discovers that on this ship nothing is what it seems. As the Barclay heads for the rocks Bret’s troubles are compounded when he has to save his best friend’s sister, from the paws of a lecherous killer. Also includes the short story “Grounded.”

HurricaneHurricane: Despite being wrongfully imprisoned on Devil’s Island and suffering great brutality at the hands of the guards, Captain Spar’s spirit remains unbroken. His only mission in life is to escape the island hellhole and take vengeance on the man who framed him. Spar soon discovers that in order to do this he must not only save himself, but an entire boatload of innocent people, including one very attractive and alluring young woman.

Killer's LawKiller’s Law: Sheriff Kyle of Deadeye, Nevada, is headed east to the nation’s capital and is about to discover that the law can be even wilder in the big city than in the Wild West—a fact that hits home when he is framed for the murder of a US Senator. Kyle has no alibi, no memory, and apparently doesn’t have a prayer—unless he can find a way to outwit, outfox and outmaneuver the masters of deception and double-crosses. Also includes: “They Killed Him Dead,” “The Mad Dog Murder” and “The Blow Torch Murder.”

MouthpieceMouthpiece: Unlike his New York gangster father, Mat Lawrence is a straight, hard working construction manager. But his father’s gruesome murder has brought him to town with a singular purpose—to find the killer and a missing million dollars. With the help of the mob’s fast-talking attorney known as the Mouthpiece, Mat Lawrence sets off to recover the missing cash and exact revenge on his father’s killer in the traditional family style. Also includes the short stories: “Flame City,” “Calling Squad Cars!” and “The Grease Spot.”

The SlickersThe Slickers: Tex Larimee is a grizzled Arizona sheriff who’s left the deserts behind, blazing a trail east to mix it up with The Slickers in the canyons of New York City. Tex’s welcome to the city is not overly hospitable. Robbed of his cash, gun and badge in short order, he finds himself locked in a room in the back of a run-down bar. Breaking out of the bar, he goes looking for his best friend, only to find him dead—his throat cut. To add insult to injury New York’s finest arrest him for the murder. Also includes the short stories “Killer Ape” and “Murder Afloat.”

Spy KillerSpy Killer: Kurt Reid is a hothead American sailor. Falsely accused of murder, he jumps ship and flees to the exotic and mysterious city of Shanghai—only to get caught in a web of intrigue, betrayal, and murder. After taking refuge in a Chinese teahouse, Reid saves the life of Varinka Savischna, an enticing White Russian who recruits him into her crusade against Chinese intelligence. Unfortunately, things get a lot more complicated for Kurt when he’s captured by the Chinese and blackmailed into pursuing and assassinating a Japanese spy. In the cloak-and-dagger world of espionage and intrigue, where everything and everyone is not who or what they seem, the game is about to turn as seductive as it is sinister.

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