Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Pulp Renaissance

L. Ron Hubbard’s Stories from the Golden Age

From the frozen north to the tropical South Seas, Ron journeyed far and wide—and brings it all home to you in these tales of adventure. Stories that are sure to put every thrill-seeker or armchair adventurer on the edge of their seat.

An evocative world of nefarious villains, exotic intrigues, and courageous heroes—a world that today’s cinema has barely tapped for its tales of adventure and imagination.

Available in trade paperback:

  • 80 titles featuring covers and illustrations from the original publications
  • 153 short stories from sci-fi & fantasy, murder & suspense, true Wild West tales and everything in between
  • The pages, like those of the original publications, are unevenly cut for the look and feel of the original pulps
  • Each title includes a glossary of special period terms and phrases

Available as audiobooks: 

  • 80 titles for a total of 160 hours of entertainment
  • 153 unabridged short stories in all from sci-fi & fantasy, mystery & suspense, the Wild West and non-stop action
  • Multicast productions featuring over 75 Hollywood actors
  • Cinematic quality sound effects for a thrilling “movie of the mind” experience
  • Perfect for commuter fare or summer road trips