Series:Golden Age Stories

Action & Adventure Short Story Audiobook Collection

FICTION / Action & Adventure

By L. Ron Hubbard (Author), R.F. Daley (Narrator), Multicast (Performer)


“Adventure," L. Ron Hubbard said, “I well know, is in the heart, not in the view." In his stories, which were uniquely drawn from true-to-life experiences, including then-rare voyages to Asia and the South Pacific, he adventured grandly, carrying readers into the cold, storm-swept sea, or the heat of a vast desert or the wild currents of the air. A member of the famed Explorers Club, Mr. Hubbard delivered in these stories a sharp jolt of reality with a healthy dose of pulse-pounding bold adventure.

The 17-audiobook collection includes 24 short stories and 34 hours of immersive entertainment. All stories are unabridged, multi-cast productions with state-of-the-art cinematic quality sound effects that put you right in the stories.

The titles and short stories in this collection are:
Arctic Wings, The Black Sultan (includes: "Escape for Three"), Black Towers to Danger, The Bold Dare All, Destiny's Drum,The Devil—With Wings, Forbidden Gold, Golden Hell (includes: "The Pearl Pirate"), The Headhunters, The Iron Duke, Loot of the Shanung, The Red Dragon, Sea Fangs, The Sky Devil (includes: "Buckley Plays a Hunch" and "Medals for Mahoney"), The Trail of the Red Diamonds (includes: "Hurricane's Roar"), Twenty Fathoms Down and Yukon Madness (includes: "The Cossack" and "Small Boss of Nunaloha").

Performers: R.F. Daley (narrator), Crispian Belfrage, Brooke Bloom, Corey Burton, Bob Caso, Erika Christensen, Keli Daniels, Denice Duff, Yasmine Hanani, Lori Jablons, Shane Johnson, Beth Leckbee, John Mariano, Jim Meskimen, Tamra Meskimen, Gino Montesinos, Joey Naber, Rick Pasqualone, Kristin Proctor, Phil Proctor, Enn Reitel, Tait Ruppert, Matt Scott, Thomas Silcott, Michelle Stafford, Owen Sun, Fred Tatasciore, Tadao Tomomatsu, Kelly Ward, Max Williams, Robert Wu and Michael Yurchak.


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