Western Short Story Collection
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Western Short Story Collection

By L. Ron Hubbard (Author)


Ride a trail of blazing guns and two-fisted action in the Wild West as L. Ron Hubbard brings American history to life. Growing up in Montana provided him with the first-hand experience that added a tone of authenticity to his western tales. Readers will feel the heat, taste the dust and hear the thunder of horses' hooves in these tales from a master storyteller of the genre.

The 15-book collection includes 34 short stories along with illustrations from the original publications and glossaries of historical terms. The titles and short stories in this collection are:

The Baron of Coyote River (includes: "Reign of the Gila Monster"), Branded Outlaw, Cattle King for a Day (includes: "Come and Get It"), Death Waits at Sundown (includes: "Ride 'Em, Cowboy" and "Boss of the Lazy B"), Devil's Manhunt (includes: "Johnny, the Town Tamer" and "Stranger in Town"), Gun Boss of Tumbleweed (includes: "Blood on His Spurs"), Gunman's Tally (includes: "Ruin at Rio Piedras"), King of the Gunmen (includes: "The No-Gun Gunhawk"), The Magic Quirt (includes: "Vengeance Is Mine!" and "Stacked Bullets"), The No-Gun Man (includes: "Man for Breakfast"), Shadows from Boot Hill (includes: "The Gunner from Gehenna" and "Gunman!"), Six-Gun Caballero, Tinhorn's Daughter (includes: "When Gilhooly Was in Flower"), The Toughest Ranger (includes: "The Ranch That No One Would Buy" and "Silent Pards") and Under the Diehard Brand (includes: "Hoss Tamer" and "The Ghost Town Gun-Ghost").

Glossaries can be found under the individual titles in this collection.

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