Illustrator in the Spotlight: Kevin Hopkins

[frame style=”simple” align=”left”] Kevin Hopkins' art Star Trek the Long Way Home [/frame]

Kevin Hopkins won the L. Ron Hubbard Illustrators of the Future Contest in 1990. His art appears in L. Ron Hubbard presents Writers of the Future Volume 6.

Kevin currently teaches painting, drawing and Photoshop. He has designs on the Challenger space shuttle. He’s an artist for Battlestar Galactica comics and has done comic strip work in Hollywood, CA and later worked for Warner Brothers Studios on such titles as The Matrix, Looney Toons—Back in Action, The Last Samurai, the first four Harry Potter films, Batman Begins and many more. He continues producing art for magazine and paperback book covers.

His latest project for Bye Bye, Robot will be of interest to Star Trek fans.

Kevin Hopkins’ art entitled “The Long Way Home” is a very detailed image of the USS Voyager. It is the first-ever Voyager artwork from Bye Bye, Robot. 18″x24″, “The Long Way Home” will cost $25.00 and can be ordered HERE.

Take a look at some of Kevin’s brilliant art.


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[frame style=”simple” align=”left”] Kevin Hopkins' art Crooked Man [/frame]


[one_third valign=”top” animation=”none” float=”left”]

[frame style=”simple” align=”center”] Kevin Hopkins' art Octopus Gal [/frame]


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[frame style=”simple” align=”right”] Kevin Hopkins' art Strange Angel [/frame]


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